Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I could get lucky!!

If I get lucky the local council will say yes and I could get this lift which would end 6 months of pain with the Wendy lift/hoist from United Care that I have now.

Good times and bad times

Apologies for not writing my blog recently not easy to type anymore fingers/hands pretty bad. Have strength but no direction/coordination/sensitivity.

Reading not either easy cos of problems turning the pages. Frustrating about not being able to type as I have heaps in my mind to write.

But to tell the truth have been abit down since September. Since I have been needing and getting more help, have someone here from 10.00 to 14.00 every day and then I organise friends/volunteers to visit me from 14.00 until 16.30 until Richie is home.

These days I am rarely alone, perhaps the odd 30 minutes and once for an hour, since I hung over the chair for an hour on 18 September.

Hope this explains the lack of blogging. Need to get myself back up and writing really need to motivate myself and hope that I can.

Sadly have been using sleeping tablets again, had a few months off but since I have been feeling discomfort when I lie in bed all night I have needed to use them again.

Also need the sleeping pills cos of the hum of the motor on the mattress, which is kept full of air so that my body floats and does not sink.

Most worrying are my heels, they suddenly developed blisters, Richie did his best to keep them from bursting finally they dried and just as we thought they were healing Richie discovered the skin had been rubbed off.

Now the doctor is here to change the dressing every two days. My legs are not still at night, as violent spasms make the knees move up and down and drags my heels around. Need somehow to pack the legs in so when they move they won't bash the heels to bits. It's all very worrying,

Richie has slept very badly recently worrying about me. Bloody nuisance is we can't find the wee sheepskin I was sitting on since the move, the big one is still doing great likewise the sheepskin slippers though they had abit of wear as that was all I had to put on to go out and to sit around since the blisters as they are soft and protect my feet well.

Been looking out for a wheelchaircushion that vibrates, apparently its good against sores. Can't find anything like that here did hear they have them in the US. Wonder if anyone has heard of them?

And just to add to it all finally my cut in pay, now I only get 70% of my salary is noticeable plus next year we have what they call our own risk in health insurance which means the chronically sick have to pay the first 150 euros before the health insurance pays. Great stuff!

This last is an ordinary daily annoyance my feet are by comparison really worrying. Although there are loads of other things one big one is feeling unattractive and like a patient, feel often like a bundle in my chair and all my clothes are old and much of it is not suitable for sitting in a wheelchair.

But again all that is trivial compared to the good things. And when I look at what I have got its alot. A great partner, Richie is an absolute darling, my love, he looks after me so well. And good friends who give me alot of love and friendship and support, it means alot to me. Don't know if I can send them cards this year as I can't write much these days, will do my best as I love christmas.

Take care of yourselves and enjoy all there is to enjoy.