Monday, February 28, 2011

The End Of February.

Rodolfo Morales.

Today is the end of February; since the snow storm last Wednesday, it has been raining every day.

Years ago, I worked for two years as a gas meter reader, a job I enjoyed very much despite days of trudging around all day in the rain.

I met some very nice people, very friendly people who offered me many cups of tea.

One person I went to, made wine, from fruit as well as tea, and nettles, I would always be offered a glass of his wine.

I also met people for whom; I would be their only visitor apart from the post and the milk.

One person, a Jehovah’s Witness tried to lock me up in her house so she could convert me, after an hour I convinced her I needed to carry on with my work.

The next time I took her keys and gave them back once I had read her meter and had a cup of tea with her, she was alright just very lonely.     

Good to be able to provide some social contact for the many lonely people I met.

Sadly, as my manager needed me to read 200 meters a day I could not socialise for too long.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyril Getting Happy.

My Room Has Two Doors.
Kay Sage.

Slept well last night, especially after organising the dog’s health insurance and e-mailing the dog tax people that we have another dog.

Cyril is coming along really well, he is starting to relax and trust us all more, next week Saturday it is two months since he got here.

After Richie rescued him twice once when he fell through the ice chasing ducks and the second swimming after ducks, Cyril sticks close to him these days.

Poor little dog has been constantly amazed that Richie has not killed him when he has made a mistake.

I am very happy we can reassure him that we do not treat dogs badly here; we prefer to build them up and enable them to enjoy being dogs.

With no worries in the world except having a happy life full of walks, games with Marleen and lots of affection from us.

Since Richie has been giving him extra food and regular exercise Cyril has put on weight and muscle too, which is good to see.

Nice to see him looking better than when he got here, when you could see every rib and backbone.

Now he is beginning to look like a very fit, healthy and happy dog, he is a sweet, relaxed dog and once his traumas fade away he will be very happy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Liberating Themselves.

 Margin Of Silence.
Kay Sage.

Just reading yesterdays post, where I said I feel the same as ever, of course that feeling is not a physical feeling.

How I wish it were, a friend wrote an e-mail where she says it is not fair what is happening to me.

Which of course it is not, but then again what is fair, would it be fairer for me not to have MS, but for someone else to have it.

I sometimes wonder about the meaning of fair, do not think sickness and disease can ever be described in such a way.

That is too emotional, I have always tried never to see my MS like that, it just happened there was nothing that I could do to stop it.

I wish there was something that I could do, anything at all, I would put 110 % effort into it, sadly I can’t.

This week I have been cheering on all the people in Libya who can do something, they are trying to get rid of their despotic leader Gaddafi after 42 years.

Years of being bullied and intimidated, of being bribed and played off against each other and those were the ‘lucky’ ones.

The less fortunate were imprisoned, tortured and murdered, some were sent into exile and killed there.

I hope that the Libyan people will succeed in liberating themselves from Gaddafi.



Friday, February 25, 2011

Still Feel The Same As Ever.

The Fourteen Daggers.
Kay Sage.

It is Friday again, wonderful how quickly it happens every week, Friday is a favourite day of mine.

When I was still at work I used to organise a get together after work of colleagues and friends.

It was a nice way to end the week and it was something that everyone looked forward to immensely.

Life is classified for me as when I worked and life since work, sometimes it is strange thinking about me going to work.

Lying in bed or sitting in the wheelchair it is hard to remember a time when I could do things, make things happen and be part of it all.

Difficult to realise quite how handicapped I am right now, Richie and I talked about it last night.

Richie says he too finds it very difficult to accept that I am so handicapped; he says he does not think of me as handicapped.

I do not think of myself as handicapped either, but then again, I also do not feel like I will be 60 soon.

How incredible to think that in 20 days time I will be sixty, despite the effects of my MS I still feel the same as ever.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keeping Calm.


Le Passage.
Kay Sage.

Really such a relief to know that my eye problems are being caused by the lenses are too strong for me.

Finally makes sense now what is happening with my eyes, could not understand it but can now understand that initially the glasses are ok.

Then after two hours they become too much, this is because of the too strong lenses, all the time I thought my MS was progressing.

And it is not progressing into eyesight; I am so happy about that, feel almost as though I have been given something.

Funny how I make the best of things, even this eyesight hiccup, that is all it is, mind you until the new lenses are here, it is really difficult to cope with.

I hate the way that after wearing the glasses for awhile, my sight starts getting worse and I can not read emails.

I have to increase the font size from 11 to 18 in order to read the words and respond; this was getting me very worried.

All I have tp do now is swop glasses, my old ones and recent spectacles.
And most important of all I  must try my very best to keep calm.   

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What A Relief.

Gertrude Abercrombie.

Design for Death.
Based on a Billy Holliday song, Strange Fruit)

Today has been a very grey misty cold day, a total difference from yesterday.

Monday and Tuesday were bright, sparkling days and today has been such a contrast.

Anne came to visit us at 15.00; she brought us a couple of spicy salt fish rolls from Surima, a Suriname shop by the Ten Cate market.

While she was here it started to snow furiously, it is still snowing now, two houses later.

The snow is thick, it is whirling around, and luckily nothing is lying so far which is good.

Before Anne came round I had an appointment with the optician.

Since I got my new lenses, I have not been happy with them, since then my vision has not been good.

I thought it was the MS, but it turns out that the lenses were too strong, which was quite a relief for me.

Glad it is the spectacles and not my MS which has progressed and starting to rob me of my eyesight.

I shall have to wait until next week for the new lenses nut should have them next week Wednesday.

Brilliant that it is not my MS that has progressed, I am so relieved, I thought that I world have to be very brave.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Courage.

. Remembering Miro.
 Ivan Khokhlov
Great courage is what the people in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran and Morocco are demonstrating.

The Libyan people are doing this even when facing extreme violence from the Libyan state and their mercenaries.

Scary to read of fighter jets bombing peoples houses, they have been destroying the neighbourhoods the demonstrators come ftom.

I did not realise until I heard that on the radio, that Israel were not the only ones to destroy the homes of any who they identify as troublemakers.

The entire family are punished and lose their homes, in Libya they kill the people and then destroy their family’s home and livelihood too.

People have been asked whether they are not scared to risk their lives, and the common response has been that they have to carry on.

That they have nothing to lose as they are already being killed, and have been for years, so have nothing left to lose.

I think it would be brilliant if Tunisia and then Egypt were the inspiration for all the other countries with dictators get rid of them now.

So come on Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Saudi. Arabia, Iran and Morocco and maybe this may sweep through Africa too.

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Courage is not the absence of fear-courage is acting in spite of fear.’’


Valentine Hugo.

When my MS progressed so fast in 2007, I started becoming very handicapped and extremely worried.

The lack of information about what to expect to happen next was thoroughly unsettling.

Not being able to access information either from the medical world nor from the internet, did not help me to cope with this unpredictable disease.

I got very scared and spent a lot of time, valuable time, being upset, worried and crying.

Then I did not think that I was brave, how could I be brave when I was constantly crying and in a panic, no way could I possibly be brave.

I could not bear hearing myself described as brave or courageous, that embarrassed and worried me a lot and I would argue that I was anything but brave.

Then Richie explained to me that being scared and still carrying on was brave, I argued against vehemently.

Until Richie convinced me that I was brave, finally I agreed with him, still feeling awkward and unsure of being thought of as courageous.  

Now I accept that being scared and still trying to make the best of everything and stay optimistic is indeed very brave. 

On Friday I received a quote about courage from KP@Random Thoughts

"Courage is not the absence of fear-courage is acting in spite of fear.
People who do nothing with their lives  are just as scared as people who take major risks.
It's just that  the first group gets scared over tiny things.
Why not get scared over something significant?
Andrew Mathews


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Swings And Roundabouts.


Andre Breton.
What always surprises me is how quickly Friday will turn into Sunday, just like it has this weekend.

I am trying to use my right hand which is not easy, as I have not used it much lately.

It is difficult to stretch out to reach the keys I need; this is not easy as it sounds, because my right arm is very weak and stiff.

I used to be able to type with two index fingers but now it is more difficult to stretch my right arm.

So I try to do as much as I can, sometimes there are moments when I can type with both like now and then it is impossible.

Using the mouse, as often as I can with my right hand and not the mouse below the keyboard is also good.

It is not easy which means that I have to do it, despite the pain and huge effort needed to stretch my arm.

Sometimes it works, like now which is good, but now I can’t use my right hand to type but I can use the mouse.

Swings and roundabouts right now both hands are working, quite an effort but so very worthwhile.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Slow Day.

Andre Breton/Valenine Hugo.

Feeling very slow today after a late night; I woke in discomfort, due to my pelvis being twisted one way and my torso the other way.

My head was leaning to the right at an acute angle which was not comfortable as soon as I woke.

It is amazing how much movement my body still has even though I am totally unable to move my body at all. 

Every morning when I wake, I am curious as to where my body has shifted to in the night; how I wish I could move around again.

I never sat still for very long; I was always getting up and doing something, usually as soon as I had sat.

How I long to be able to move independently again, I would love to move my torso, to bend from my waist.

Be good if I could lift my right arm and touch my head, these days even that is not possible nor can I get the fingers of my right hand up to my mouth.

To do that I would need to hold up my right arm with my left hand which is extremely tiring, only manage doing that for seconds.           

I am aware that my situation has progressed this worries and makes me sad bit will not stop me making the best of everything I can.                                                

Friday, February 18, 2011

Patience Plenty Of Patience.

Leonardo man (after Virtuvius) with the artist tree, 1998.

Anthony Earnshaw.

Trying to use the on-screen keyboard without losing my temper and typing the words myself, typing this has taken more than thirty minutes.

That is too much patience for me right now, so I am typing this without the on screen keyboard which is still quicker, as the same sentence just took me five minutes.

Quite a difference and not as tiring too, I think that selecting the letters is extremely time consuming,  as I try to get the mouse to point to the letter that I want to use.

For now the alternative keyboard is not such a good option, now with such lack of control of the mouse keypad or hand operated mouse.

I will keep alternating between typing myself and using the keyboard, the more I use it and often use the same words, then those words should be included but they are not.

Keyboard and pre-emptive are still not recognized, despite using both words regularly, very frustrating for me.

Good job my hair is very short and my hands won’t co-operate otherwise I might be pulling out my hair right now.

Nevertheless I shall do my best to see if this software can be helpful to me, I have to try out this software plus maybe software called See Tech which is eye controlled software.

If none of these work for me then I will be able to try out the Brainfingers software,  right now it  seams that I am not handicapped enough to qualify to use it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Good Appointment.

The Angel  Of Anarchy.
Eileen Agar.

Yesterday it was a good appointment with Johanneke, she spotted right away that the arm supports were too high.

They were making me to sit hunched up, which was causing alot of stress to my shoulders that I had not noticed.

Difficult to notice what causes discomfort as there is so much and so many triggers, I did notice the absence of stress to my shoulders, after Richie had adjusted the arm supports.

This adjustment was good, as were the other temporary adjustments that Johanneke made yesterday; when she noticed that I needed extra support.

I needed it on my right side just above my waist and on the left above my hip; Johanneke put some foam there to give me some temporary support.

She will organise an appointment with Summit, the company that adapted the wheelchair seat in 2009.

This will take place the week after next; the temporary solution has already helped me to sit better.

Looking forward to the appointment with Summit and Annelies and Johanneke and a permanent solution.

We also discussed the problems I am having with typing and navigating between applications, we agreed that I would carry on using the on screen pre-emptive keyboard.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meeting With Johanneke.

Fish Circus.
Eileen Agar.

Today I have a meeting with Johanneke, my occupational therapist to assess how I sit in the wheelchair.

It will be good for her to assess this; as it could be that there are some adjustments needed.

The wheelchair seat was adapted in November 2009, so I might need some additional support now.

Johanneke will also talk with me about my problems with using my laptop, right now this maybe difficult to assess.

In the mornings my fingers work ok, with problems, these are caused by not being able to control my fingers.

By the evening I can hardly do anything, my left index finger can not click on anything and using the mouse is impossible.

Because my capabilities come and go, it maybe difficult for Johanneke to judge what I need right now.

I have tried the Head Mouse, which seemed to cause problems with my neck hernia, voice recognition, not bad but does not help navigate between applications.

Now I am using the pre –emptive keyboard, which is frustrating, as it selects all the letters that I come near.

It would be brilliant if Johanneke recommends software that allows me to keep writing my blog.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Staying Close.

The Fish's Tale.
Eileen Agar.

Richie had a great time as well as a very scary time in the park with the dogs yesterday it was good until Richie wanted to come home.  

Instead do responding to Richie, Cyril ran off and decided to do some duck chasing instead and jumped in the cold pond.

The ducks led him a merry dance and after many laps of the pond Cyril became totally exhausted.

Richie says he saw him sagging deeper in the water as he got tired but despite calling him, he was still trying to get hold of a duck.

Then Cyril tried to swim back to the bank and got to about  1, 50 meters from the side when he got tangled in a floating branch.

At this point Richie waded out and rescued him, when he put Cyril on the ground, his back legs folded under him.

He had no strength left and laid, wet, cold and crying on the grass, two dog walkers came over with a big scarf to dry Cyril.

Richie put him in one of his bike bags wrapped in his jumper, Cyril cried all the way home, where he looked totally rattled.

Poor Cyril is staying close to Richie ever since.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saving For A Rainy Day.

Martine Rhyner
Heard on the news that the British police are investigating Mubarak’s money, he has in banks in the UK.

Seems it could be money laundering, in which case, the money will be confiscated by the British state and returned to Egypt.

Switzerland have also frozen all Mubarak’s assets, I do hope the 70 billion Mr Mubarak and his family managed to put away for a rainy day will be found.

I could not believe when I heard that Mubarak had taken so much money in his 30 year rule of Egypt.

That is an incredible amount of money, I thought that I could not have heard that correctly, surely it was millions not billions.

Even 70 millions seems masses to me, surely that is more than he can spend in a lifetime, but no, Mubarak needed 70 billion.

Had to have 70 billion to make sure he would never be without, what amazing hubris of the man.

I hope they confiscate all his money and all his properties too, in England and around the world.

Really hope this sends a clear message to all the others, like Mubarak around the world, so that they all decide to stand down now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Benefits Of Hindsight.

Alice Rahon.

In 2006 I got the diagnosis of Primary Progressive MS, and I got very worried.

I realise now that I should not have worried as much, I now know that worrying never makes positive differences.

Especially to MS, worry causes stress which is bad for MS that is the benefit of hindsight, which I did not have in 2006, then I was faced with the unknown.

I had an insensitive neurologist, and a disease that thousands have but no one knows the cause.

This lack of knowledge has been exploited by Pharmaceutical companies who have produced many drugs which they claim control and modify MS.
‘’Many of these drugs have potentially serious side-effects especially in combination with other medications.’’
‘’It should be emphasised that none of these drugs are a "cure" for either MS nor for any of its symptoms.’’
‘’The only medications available at the moment either slow down the course of the disease at best or are palliative on its symptoms.’’
If the cause were known and drugs were developed that can help; I would love a drug that could help me.
Not drugs which have nasty side effects while making huge profits for the Pharmaceutical companies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing Ever Seems To Change.

Hans Duller.

We did not sleep until late as we were watching the scenes in Egypt where people were celebrating Hosni Mubarak stepping down after 30 years.

Wonder if anyone has noticed that maybe, they do not need anyone governing them; I often wonder why governments are needed.

I think it is because we have been convinced we can not co-operate with each other without ‘’big daddy’’ telling us what to do, which is not true.

People work together daily and it is that co-operation that keeps everything going and not government.

Looking forward to the day that '' for the and by people’’ becomes a reality and not just an illusion that gets trotted out at election time.

I think that is an illusion too, every 4 years there is an election,  one party gets elected, its like a weather vane.

After the election the elected party takes over and everything carries on as before until the next time.

Nothing much ever seems to change yet we all think it does because we have a so-called democracy.

Or do we, don’t we just have a revolving door and the same parties which makes us think we are living free and not under a dictatorship.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Friday.


It’s Friday; sadly it is another grey, misty cold day like yesterday, just no pouring rain today.

Richie is out shopping, he wants to get it all done today so he has nothing to do tomorrow and can watch the 6 nations rugby.

Tomorrow afternoon a good friend will come by for an hour which is a pleasant prospect, nice to see a friend.

We could really do with more friends visiting us and less business visits, but guess we will see more people as soon as the weather gets better.

Everyone is still in winter hibernation until end of February beginning of March when people start phoning to make arrangements. 

Before I lived here I never had a yearly diary, but here you have to have one as everything is done by appointment only.

It is quite rare to get a spontaneous visit here, and sadly since I am so handicapped we need to know when people plan to visit so that Richie can have me showered and dressed, sitting in my wheelchair.

Looking forward to Richie coming home soon and having a shower, clean clothes and enjoying Richie’s company.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cyril Getting Happy.


Cyril and Marleen.
Both appointments went well yesterday, the first with Harm from Welzorg, who brought a colleague, Arjan to show alternative steering methods for wheelchairs.

Arjan showed me several; two were joystick operated, they needed less effort than the one I have now.

One was operated with a fingertip, then there was a chin operated one which seemed not much effort and lastly mouth control.

Then Beenhakker came to see the problems with the shower chair, they will provide different material for the cushion and fix it better onto the  chair.

What a shock when Harm announced this was his last visit, he was being moved against his will to another region.

Shame as I have seen him since 2006, in that time Harm has built up an understanding of my situation.

Cyril has started being less anxious since he got so worried last Saturday, that he bit Richie’s thumb, which seemed to depress him.

Then he started asking for cuddles and Sunday games too, since Monday it’s noticeable that Cyril is happier and less anxious.

Instead of getting worried he is running around and playing, there is no more scared growling; now this happens during games.

Excellent to see Cyril beginning to come out of his depression and bond with Richie and enjoy his new life.

Looking forward to seeing Cyril blossoming and becoming a relaxed happy and playful dog.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Sunny Day.

Gordon Onslow Ford.

Today is another beautiful bright sunny day which was wonderful when Richie opened the curtains.

What a treat to have two lovely days, this weather has such a good effect on me, it lifts me.

My arms and hands and fingers are not suddenly restored because they are not.

This weather gives me a big boost, which I needed right now after two weeks of grey, misty, dark days.

A boost is welcome as it makes me feel good, feeling good has an effect on my perceptions of my day.

Right now I feel optimistic about today and the two appointments this afternoon, one at 13.30 where I will get a demonstration of other methods of steering my wheelchair.

The other appointment is about the cushion on the shower chair, which needs to be fixed better so that it and me do not slide about and make Richie’s life very difficult during showers.

I am feeling optimistic that the appointments will go well and they will all be gone by 14.30 and everything will be done.

I am getting today’s post written now, so that it can be posted before my shower and I can relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Today Is A Beautiful Bright Day,

Alasdair GrayFaustin His Study1958.

I found it very difficult to stay optimistic yesterday because it was such a struggle for me to do anything.

My arms would hardly move, it was difficult to hold my beaker to drink or to hold the vaporiser bag to inhale thc.

I found this very depressing as being able to use my hands and to raise my arms is important, difficult to contemplate losing even those basic functions.

Not being able to eat dinner myself is difficult, eating yourself is so important, I never realised quite how important it was until Richie has had to do it for me.

It was not just my arms yesterday, but also my fingers which would not work, they flopped about and I could not get them to do anything that I wanted to do.

I tried my best to find a picture for yesterdays post but had to give up and leave looking for a picture until today.

Today everything is working; I got a picture for yesterdays post, edited the Dutch version and getting today’s post written.

Today is a beautiful bright day, with sunshine and blue skies, it is lovely to see, a huge much needed boost for me.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Determined To Make The best Of Everything I Can

Cowcaddens Streetscape.

Alasdair Gray.

Today has been yet another grey, misty and cold day which is a shame as it would have been good to have a bright, sunny day.

We have only had grey, misty, cold weather for the last two weeks, but I guess as 

 it is only the beginning of February that this is normal for this time of year.  

Today I had a good session with my excellent physiotherapist Mathilde, we both noticed again how difficult the exercises are for my right arm.  

Nevertheless it is important for me that I have the two physiotherapy sessions with Mathilde as well as doing my arm exercises every morning.

I have been noticing recently that my arms are not functioning well at all; today I could not do very much with my right arm.

Very scary that my arm functions are so much weaker every week, last week I could still just about touch my head.

This week I just managed to touch my forehead but only just, really hope that I  can still do that next week.

I learned to live with being so handicapped, despite that I am very scared at the latest developments.

I am determined to make the best of everything I can

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Life Goes On.


Leonara Carrington

It is Sunday again so quickly, the weeks seem to zoom by these days; although I know that is only my perception.

That amuses me as my days are not full of activities; my days are quite similar, I wake and do my arm exercises and Richie massages my legs’

Then I take my baclofen pills and right now cream and lotion for my rash and then I answer my e-mails and I write my blog post.

Every day is pretty much like the day before, somehow they maybe the same but for me they are all different.

My world has got smaller as a result of my MS,  but because of the internet it has also become bigger too, small yet big at the same time.

My days are as good as I make them; it is all to do with my perception and my positive nature.

Glad I am so positive and want to make the best of my life.

Otherwise being so handicapped would result in a huge depression.

I can’t believe how I just get on with my life these days when all my functions are slower.

Richie has to feed me,  I can hold my beaker and just about brush my teeth.                                                      
Life goes on.


Saturday, February, 2011. Maybe Tomorrow Will Be Bright.

 Zdzisław Beksiński 

Today is another gray, misty day which was not nice to wake up to, shame as I so wanted a bright day.

I wanted to wake up, to see a blue sky and hear the birds outside on the birdfeeder, but instead we had to make do it with overcast and dreary.

With not a single bird sound or even one feathered ‘’friend’’ visiting to eat some peanuts sadly this was not the case.

Maybe tomorrow, that would be a great boost for me, I do really need a boost right now, as the influenza has made me abit low.

It is brilliant to feel that I am recovering,  all symptoms of the flu and bronchitis have gone now.

I do not feel fully recovered yet as I feel exhausted and not totally myself again, I am still nasal and it feels as if I am wearing an internal woolly hat.

Going to take it easy this evening and tomorrow too, next week on Tuesday, it will be a month ago that we both got ill.

I had not expected to feel as good as I do, especially as so many people I know have taken months to fully recover.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Lovely To Part On Such Good Terms.

The Night Of  The 8th.
Leonara Carrington

Cyril kept barking at people passing by outside late last night, he just could not settle and kept running into the front room.

Richie decided that Cyril needed to pee, so got out of bed at 02.00 to take the dogs to the dog toilet.

A very relaxed Cyril returned and was almost instantly asleep as soon as he curled up next to Richie on the bed.

After that it was peaceful and we all fell asleep, woke up too early for my liking after such a late night as we had.

This afternoon we had a very pleasant visit from Michelle, my now ex advisor from the local council.

She wanted to come by to see the wheelchair table and most importantly to say goodbye, after 4 years.  

Be strange not to see her anymore, but nice to see her today, especially, as she looked so happy and well.

She showed me photos on her phone of her new dog and her wedding photos and when I said she looked good, she told me she was 3 months pregnant.

Glad she told me, lovely to part on such good terms today,  I will send her a thank you email.                                                   

Thursday, 3, February, 2011. Good At Solving Problems.

Cadavre Exquis - 1997

Acrylic on canvas
Painting made by Leonora Carrington with collaboration of
Pablo Weisz-Carrington.

This morning at 08.30 Harm from Welzorg came round to collect my wheelchair to 
 repair it.

At 11.47 Richie and I were both extremely surprised when Harm was back with the wheelchair.

Neither of us had expected the wheelchair to come back today, let alone earlier than 13.00 which had been agreed.

Amazingly it was not only back, but it seemed to be well adjusted for the table to be pulled right out without hitting me in the face.

When Richie had hoisted me into the wheelchair, he could effortlessly and safely put the table in front of me.

Then we discovered that it was listing to one side, as well as resting on my right knee, which could cause a pressure sore.

Luckily Richie is good at solving problems, so he made some adjustments which raised the table and straightened it too.

Tomorrow we have a 14.0 appointment with Michelle my last advisor who organised the adaption to the wheelchair seat and getting the wheelchair table.

Richie wants her advice how best to adjust the left arm support which is now on inch too low right now.

Once that is done then the wheelchair table will have been well adjusted for me to use safely

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

TwoTiring Appointments.

A World Without Truth.
Martin Soesbergen.
1960 Amsterdam.

Today has been a very tiring day indeed with two appointments, one for an on screen keyboard which maybe helpful for me.  

Appointment number two was with Annalies from ARCA, my advisor from the Amsterdam council and Harm, from Welzorg, to see if they can solve the problem with the wheelchair table.

The keyboard ‘guesses’ the words so I only have to type the first and maybe the second letter before it suggests several words I might want to use.

Then you type the number which is next to your chosen word and the word is inserted into the text.

Right now I have not got the patience for it, but I will do my best to give it a good go, right now I am typing bits myself and doing bits with the pre-emptive keyboard.

It is going better than I thought it would be right away so I am quite pleased, mind you, it is very much slower than typing the words myself.

Seems to be slower than thinking and typing at the same time now it feels like I am having to think twice, once for what I want to write and then twice trying to type using the on screen keyboard.

Or maybe it is thinking via the pre-emptive keyboard, it is supposed to have three languages yet it did not have the words like keyboard or pre-emptive.

Hopefully as I get used to the keyboard I will be able to find out more about the possibilities of the pre-emptive keyboard.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hope It Works.

 Fruits Of Creation.
Victor Bregeda.

Rabbit, rabbit it is the first of February today and now I am looking forward to the days getting slowly longer.

I do love noticing that it is getting lighter by a few minutes every day think that it is lovely to notice this again this year.

Typically it has got colder again and sadly it is another grey and overcast day today so perhaps the few extra minutes will not be noticed so easily today.

My skin seems to be responding well to the cream and the chemist has just brought the lotion around for my head.

Looking forward to the constant irritation on my scalp stopping as soon as the lotion is applied to my head.

We have no idea how or why I have got this, wonder if the strong antibiotics have played a role in making it worse.

Be brilliant if the cream and the lotion do work and it becomes obvious on Wednesday that would be good.

Even better if the rash does not come back again after Wednesday, that would be brilliant, next sunny day I shall get Richie to wrap me up warm and take me out.

Going to relax and enjoy today, especially now that my skin feels so much better after two applications f the cream.