Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Need Sun.

George Grie.

My good friend Anja visited today, which was brilliant; especially as a letter arrived confirming that my carers allowance is extended for 2 years until 2013.

That is good news, it’s a relief to know that we do not need to worry about money, I am relieved.

For the last two days I have been trying to keep calm, which hasn’t been easy, but I have managed not to dwell on it.

Anja has taken a letter away with her, from the council department turning down my application for air conditioning.

She will write a letter appealing the decision and will e-mail me the letter tonight which I will then print out and Richie will post, the deadline is next Tuesday.

I have no expectations, expect that I hope that my appeal will be getting a fair hearing and hopefully they will scrutinise the reasons for the rejection of my application.

Our apartment doesn’t get much sun, the kitchen faces north and the other side of the front room faces east, so sadly no sun after 11 in the morning.

If I had known that before we took it I would have been tempted to wait for another apartment, one with sunshine.

After being stuck indoors for nearly one year, this apartment with lift was too good to miss, a pity about the lack of sunshine, being a Trini I need sun.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Trini To The Core.


Fight Of The Lion And The Rhino.
Oleg Korolev.

 So glad we don’t have hurricanes in the Netherlands, I imagine that would be bad news for all of us living on reclaimed land.

It would have flooded out here, as we are under the sea level, a scary idea indeed, while I was relieved we are not in the hurricane corridor, I was concerned for friends who were.

I have heard from a few, that they are alright, I also heard from one, Tracey’s Life that she and her family had to evacuate and yesterday she could still not return home.

I hope Tracey can go home soon; today would be very good for them, sadly I can’t find Tracey on Face Book or in the blog sphere.

Maybe she will be in touch soon, hopefully Tracey will have better news then, yesterday I got also got a comment from my Trini friend Rhapsody about Trinidad.

I looked at Google news as well as Trinidad newspapers; I read that there was a curfew because of gang warfare.

Then I phoned my lovely cousin Aileen in San Fernando, Trinidad and spoke to Philip, Aileen’s husband, he told me that the curfew was to stop the gangs.

Real shame they banned cannabis and thereby allowed Trinidad to be used as a hub for cocaine trafficking.

Horrible that this paradise should be spoiled by that drug, the good thing was that I had a lovely phone call with Aileen and Philip, and my own Trini accent came back after just two words with Philip.

Seems I could be taken away from Trinidad but Trinidad cannot be taken from me, I am still Trini to the core.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying Roofs.

The Illusory Fish, 2001.
 Oleg A. Korolev

I drifted off to sleep yesterday, hearing the continuous steady fall of rain outside, thinking about people coping with Hurricane Irene in America.

Richie and I talked about how hurricanes happen, how and where they occur, how they build up such extreme speeds.

Must be very scary to get caught up in, when I lived in Trinidad, I remember that the island often experienced high winds as well as heavy storms due to hurricanes starting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our house was on a hill, so I recall seeing roofs flying off houses, and my mother being worried if my father was safe at work.

Sometimes phone lines would be down, and power would be off, but usually we only experienced the slip stream of the hurricane and never luckily the full impact of a hurricane.

Very worrying wondering how the bloggers I know in the USA is doing, I hope every one of them is safe.

Our weather has been awful, no summer in summer time, which is a shame for us, but must been badly for the farmers.

Temperature changes have been affecting us all; in Africa it has resulted in drought and famine.

In America they have been experiencing a lot of extreme weather in the last years, and now they have been sheltering from Hurricane Irene.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Need Help To Keep Being.

Since getting the mediwiet free on prescription, I have been sleeping well; I no longer need to use sleeping pills or regularly use diazepam.

Nearly two months without those pills has been good, I much prefer how I feel now, I never liked the way I felt waking after using tablets.

The 5 July 2011 was my first mediwiet free on prescription, still can’t thank my good friend Anja enough for writing letters to my health insurers Agis about why I should get mediwiet.

I shall be applying in the beginning of December for the 2012 letter permitting me mediwiet on prescription for another year.

Next week I hope to be getting confirmation that my disability allowance will be extended by another two years.

I am very fortunate to have Anja’s assistance, with all our administration, so good to be organised.

Before MS took away my hand function I did all our administration, I used. to get our tax returns organised very year.

Since 2007 I have needed friends help with all our paperwork, Richie has to open each letters and spread out every page in turn for me to read.

Not being able to live without help has made me come to terms with being helped, I need help to keep being.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do My Best.

A Figure In Red And Blue.
Gunther Gerszo.

I made a conscious decision because of how my mum used to reproach my dad; I decided that I did not want to be like that too.

Reproaching people was not something I wanted in my life, neither did I want to blame or be judgemental or be prejudiced.

Strange thing is that I manage with other people, I never reproach others, yet I can’t seem to stop reproaching myself.

When I was still at home I got the blame for most things, maybe I am just assuming that I am indeed to blame.

I must still think that somehow it must be me; I hope that I can stop giving myself a hard time like I do much too often.

Really hope I can stop this as it is such a waste of time, I think that slowly and surely I will stop reproaching myself.

Recently I have been quick to stop myself getting caught up in thinking something is somehow my fault, surely it must be.

With hindsight I can see now that my parents, like so many of their generation were badly scarred by the wars, WWl and WWll.

Their experiences had an impact on their lives and their families; they were only doing their best, not easy when you have been so damaged by wars like so many others. all doing their best.

I shall also do my best.


Friday, August 26, 2011

A Reflective Day.

 Cundo Bermbadez.

I am feeling reflective today, I think reading Marie’s post @ her blog last night got me thinking.

Marie wrote a wonderful post, I wish my parents had advised me like this, they never did, no perspectives were ever offered.

If they said anything about me it would be that I was an ungrateful kid who they had moved especially for to England so I could benefit from an English education.

They conveniently forget to say that they decided to leave Trinidad just before my 11 plus exams.

If I had sat them I would have passed and then I would have had access to good English education.

As it was I didn’t have the exams so could not attend a grammar school, my parents were not rich so could not afford to pay for me to go to grammar’ school.

This was known to my parents, even then they still carried on with their plans and I got to attend England’s worse schools in the Secondary Modern system.

With the 11 plus exam no one would have suggested that packing seeds at Suttons Seeds or biscuits for Huntly and Palmers  might be a good career for me as my Secondary Modern school  did

If only we had moved so I could have benefited from a good English education once I sat and passed my 11 plus exams.

What a different experience that would have been of English schools and life in England as well as a different career and life.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Certainly Made My Life Better.


Cundo Bermbadez

I still especially like Thursdays, maybe its a reminder from work when Thursday meant Friday and the weekend.

Two whole days together with Richie, a wonderful prospect, quite the best, weekends went by very quickly.

At one workplace a younger colleague thought it was funny that I liked to spend time with my partner.

She preferred to go out with her friends, when I said Richie was my best friend she laughed and told me that I needed to get with the times.

When we all went out bowling from work I begun to understand why my colleague liked to go out without her partner.

She drank a couple of drinks and started hanging over male colleagues and rubbing her breasts against them.

Quite sad, I could not conceive of such a life, strange idea to be living with someone who was not a friend.

I did not want to get with it like her, that is not how I want to be, could not imagine going out with colleagues, getting drunk and behaving like that.

I remember thinking it a shame that she didn’t also experience the happiness of living with a partner who is your friend.  

I think it’s the best way to live, it certainly made my life better.

Every Day Is Very Different.

The World Upside Down.
Carlos Rafael Uribazo-Garrido.

Today the rain has stopped which is a relief after the amazing torrential downpour yesterday afternoon that drove everyone off the streets.

After the rain the temperature dropped quite dramatically, it immediately felt like the end of September not the 23 of August.

I felt cold right away, while Richie was sweating profusely, he almost didn’t believe that I could possibly feel cold but that is MS, it deregulates all sensations.

Oh well that’s the vagaries of MS and the weather I guess, there’s nothing can be done about it but enjoy what’s is there to enjoy

I got a call today from Herman, from H.E.S was supposed to be here tomorrow to show me Seetech, software controlled by eye movement.

Sadly Herman has a problem with an inflamed shoulder, so can’t drive or carry his laptops as well as other equipment to demonstrate software.

Shame about tomorrow not happening as it would have been good, never mind on 8th
of September there is another appointment.

I think I am getting accustomed to keeping calm when disappointed, like today; there was nothing to be done but wish Herman a speedy recovery.

Today is another day, my arms are painfully stiff, yet have not been as weak as yesterday, every day is different.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Achievements.

One Way Ticket To Hell.
Mark Wilkinson.
I was aware of my mortality, but lying in bed this morning; I am becoming even more aware of the finite nature of my life.

Not surprising as my arms are getting weaker, my right shoulder is stiff, as well as at times extremely painful.

I can’t start my arm exercises now without Richie’s help, some days he just needs to lift my arm by my elbow.

Other days, like today Richie had to massage my arms and shoulders for about 10 minutes before he could successfully lift my arm, and I could grasp the handle above my bed.

Each time I begun a new set of exercises I had to get Richie’s assistance to carry on, he also needed to stretch my arms during one exercise

I already need help to eat, I can’t use cutlery, now I can’t hold my cup except briefly first thing in the morning.

These days I can just pull the top of my shoulders off my bed, I can also move my midriff, as well as my waist a little.

Small achievements but big to me especially right now when it feels like I am starting to lose all the functions that I still have.

It is scary feeling that things are slipping away from me, I hate it.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday In August.

Eduardo Paolozzi

Amazingly its Monday again, a new week has started; the sun has been shining abit despite the thick cloud cover over the city of Amsterdam.

Its very warm, just does not look like summer; I am hoping for sunny days in the next weeks, it would be nice to finally have some long awaited sunshine.

It seems that Gaddafi’s 42 years in control is nearing its end, how typical that his over weaning hubris prevented him from understanding what was happening.

He should have met with the protesters in March, instead of trying to stifle dissent by killing his fellow Libyans

If he had tried dialogue a few months ago, instead of resorting to murder he would undoubtedly still be firmly in control.

I guess being a tyrannical dictator prevented him from being able to understand the necessity of making concessions.

Shame for him, his megalomania has stopped him from understanding the reality of his situation.

I amused Richie and myself, by saying if only Gaddafi had been sensible, which made us laugh, as if he used logic.

Somehow that put it all into the right perspective, ridiculous thinking about a dictator like Muammar Gaddafi wondering whether he was being sensible


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nothing To Do With Fair.

Jacques Andre Boiffard.
It’s amazing how quickly I bounced back from what happened yesterday, there is really no point in my getting upset.

If I had got more upset it would have been hurting me even more, it is difficult to do, I am glad that I manage to not hurt myself more.

Yesterday I noticed again how much my spine has become twisted, no wonder it is now such a problem to sit well.

If I could stand up I would be bent over and twisted to one side, just like a man I always greet on the market in his mobility scooter.

Amazing makes me wonder how many people with MS also have other illnesses too; it does seem to be cruel to have to cope with MS as well as other diseases.

I have deliberately never sad its not fair that I have PPMS , it’s not but what is, would it have been fairer if someone else got it and not me.

That is not my idea of fair, my conclusion was that disease happens and has nothing to do with fair or unfair, I think it’s more to do with biology.

Today I have not had anything unpleasant happening like yesterday, no unpleasant stomach pains.

The children are on the play area having fun, their happy sounds are drifting in the open window, which I enjoy so much.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life Is Always Different Than You Think.

Sans Titre, 1929.
Jacques Andre Boiffard.
How typical Richie goes out to pick up the last bits of shopping and 5 minutes later I can feel my bowels starting to move and I have no option but to sit here and do it in the bed.

I am  looking forward to hearing the front door open and its Richie, for now I sit here soiling the bed, typing while watching football on TV.

The sun comes by intermittently, thoughts of summer being shelved until next year, I do hope we will still get the odd lovely warm sunny day.

Feel bad greeting Richie with the news I have done it in the bed but there is nothing I can do, that is not in my power.

I hate being incontinent but have decided it’s a waste of time and energy being upset by things I can’t change.

Turns out I had not done anything, that happened when Richie laid me down to get the straps from the hoist around my legs, then he sat me up again and it happened then.

As soon as I got taken into the bathroom and had used the toilet, my life started to improve again, after Richie showered me I felt even better.

Now I am in the front room, watching Richie cook, the dogs have been playing are watching Richie in case he drops something tasty on the floor.

I have been noticing the evenings getting darker once again, guess summer is winding down now and we can look forward to hopefully a pleasant autumn.

Friday, August 19, 2011

It Could Be Just A Rumour.

 A Grave Situation (1946)
Roberto Matta.

It is good to finally have the support cushion back after being adapted, Richie will have to do a spot of remoulding under my left elbow but apart from that it’s good
Recently I have been concerned about the news that the Fijnout theatre is leaving due to cuts to their government subsidy and a hotel with disco will take it place.

I sent mails to 4 local newspapers, the Fijnout theatre, the Amsterdam council, a local neighbourhood website.

I have had responses from 3 newspapers that were most likely to have run the story, all 3 claim to have no knowledge of this happening.

The Fijnout does not know anything either, but why would they, they did know the name of the man who owns the building.

The council department that deals with planning applications knows nothing, so right now it seems to be just a rumour.

 It feels great to hear from the newspapers and the council planning department as well as the Fijnout theatre have no knowledge.

As far as the Fijnthout theatre knows is that they have a rent contract until next July, one which they have every confidence they will get a new rental agreement.

I will check out a few more leads next week but right now it looks like it could be just a rumour, which would be great if true.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           l

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise.

Mountain Night, 1969.

David Hare.

This morning we were pleasantly surprised by the support cushion being delivered by DHL as had been promised by Quattron.

Great to get it back today, I was delighted as I am so used to being let down by mobility aids suppliers and sadly by others too like my ex case manager, but not my current one who is excellent.                                              .

So today was a pleasant surprise for us both, good to get the cushion back, it has been adapted and seems to give me more support.

I shall test it out by using it and making a note of anything that needs adjustment, right now the support cushion seems to be good.

Which is brilliant, Richie had me propped up pretty good but could not totally recreate the support cushions.

So it as nice to have the huge cushion back today, it has been expanded at the sides which is good, as before it was modified the cushion kept slipping away which meant I  would keep flopping over to the left.

It not pleasant to find myself slowly collapsing, sometimes I have ended up lying on my left side.

Despite the support cushion Richie still has to adjust me, the cushion helps but can’t hold me rigidly in place, it is good though as it allows me to sit and write.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Visit From A Friend.

Viaje al Infinito- Hacio el Mar l -

Antonio. M. Ruiz.

This morning Annelies from Quattron phoned, to inform me that the support cushion had been collected from them and would be delivered here tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who phoned and mailed Quattron on my behalf, they are now customer friendly; this is good news for their customers.

Great to see such a positive effect as result of e-mails and phone calls from people reading how long it took to get the support cushion.

It took from 26 January until 4 July when I finally received it, very upsetting as I was told the whole process from application to getting it would take one month not 6 months.

A good friend, Cecile came by today for a visit, it just so happened that the earrings I bought for her on eBay arrived this morning, so I could give them to her before her holiday.

They looked great on her, which was what I hoped when I saw them; it is pleasing that they looked so good on her.

Nice to surprise a friend, and give her a present, particularly nice the day before she goes on holiday.

This morning I sent mails to local newspapers, the council as well as the Fijnout theatre enquiring about the news that the buildings will be turned into a hotel and disco.

.In September when Cecile is back from holiday then she will use her journalist skills to find out what is really happening.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trawling The Web.

Night Flowers.

Alvaro Guillot.

I have just received a comment from prettylady33 on my post "Life Is So Much Better Without Valium." On 5 July 2011

prettylady33 said:
‘’I totally agree that sleeping pills should be taken for emergency purpose only. I have been taking temazepam too to help me calm myself and go to sleep. But I only use it occasionally or when I really need it.’’

I was happy to meet someone new so I clicked on the name and was taken to a Temazepam sales site and not to prettylady33 blog.

Prettylady33 is probably just one of the names this site is using to trawl the web looking for references to Temazepam.

Then they leave a comment which leads back to their sales website, I was surprised as I have not encountered this before.

I never conceived that anyone would do that, but it makes sense that websites pushing medicines would resort to trawling.

Funny how things turn out as this was not going to be what I posted about today,

I find that posting daily means no problem finding something to write about every day.

Quite often I will hear something on the radio, or in newspapers but today I did not have to look further than my inbox for my post.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Intelligent And Thoughtful.

Town In Normandy.
Alvaro Guillot.

I slept very well last night until early morning, I woke up feeling cold, so called out to Richie to help me.

Since my arms have become stiff and painful I can’t do anything even simple things like pulling my bed covers over me.

Once he did this I drifted back off to sleep, which was great as it was just 06.00 when I woke, lovely that being warm meant a few more hours sleep.

Later on after we woke, Richie switched the radio on, and we had the dubious pleasure of hearing David Cameron give a speech about the riots and the government’s strategy.

Cameron’s speech was dreadful, I thought, he did not for one second take any responsibility for what has occurred.

It seems he wants to blame what happened to the previous government, the parents and  everythring else but his government.

What really became obvious to myself and Richie during his speech, was quite how stupid he came over, it was funny to hear how his politics had robbed him of integrity.

As well as conclude that judging by his speech it had been a huge waste of money educating him, to make such a clich├ęd an mediocre speech.

I was hoping to hear something intelligent and thoughtful, obviously that was my mistake to expect a politician to be intelligent and thoughtful.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Importance Of Having Your Own Opinions.

Near The Sea.
Alvaro Guillot.

Two days ago I received an anonymous comment on my Dutch blog that told me that I can’t have an opinion about events if I am not there.

I did not spend four years studying Criminology and obtaining my Masters (in Enfield &Tottenham) to have no opinions, which was my response to the anonymous writer.

It’s a strange comment given that is how we operate, we talk, we tell our stories, we all add to the dialogue, we all have opinions.

I am not keen on anonymous comments but I understand not everyone has a Google profile.

What I do not understand is someone saying you can’t have an opinion unless you were there.

Seems they are also advocating a lack of thought, something that is crucial to our society.

They not only said you can only comment if you were there, they also said that even if the story happened as you had experienced it, this does not mean it has actually happened.

I personally support more thinking, more opinions, more community based solutions, more involvement from everyone.

The riots are proof I think of people not being allowed to be involved or to be part of their society and have their own opinions.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

No Interest In A Strong Healthy Society.

Les Quartre Saisons 11.
Dominque Appia.
It’s a dreadful situation in England, now hundreds are in court, all those who got swept up in the riots.

I see the riots as an expression of absolute hopelessness of people who feel totally disenfranchised.

They have been told daily in the newspapers, radio, TV that their lives will get even worse after the cuts.

Many have nothing to look forward to but a life on benefits with no perspectives for a better future for them or their children.

Then there is also the daily news of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and atrocities such as Syria murdering its citizens.

And the distressing pictures from Libya, Bahrain, Tunesia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Egypt have also had a huge effect on people.

A shame no one has the political courage to say, we are responsible for what happened, now let’s see how we can resolve this and empower people.

They should invest in education as a priority; and restore paying money to encourage kids to remain at school from age 16 to 18.

Instead there have been calls for water cannon, teargas and rubber bullets by David Cameron the Prime Minister and other politicians.

These are calls for violence to resolve violence which surely can never work; it also shows that the Conservatives despite describing society as not just broken but sick have no interest in a strong healthy society.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lack Of Moral Courage.

Entre Les Trous
Dominque Appia.

The riots were triggered off in Tottenham, by police shooting someone dead on Ferry Road, last week Thursday.

At first they claimed that Mark Duggan had been shot after he opened fire on the police, this was discounted the following day.

Then it was announced that the policeman who had got shot, only had a bullet lodged in his radio, the bullet was identified as police issue.

It is a shame that neither police nor politicians went to see Mark Duggan’s family to explain how their boy got killed.

Instead they did nothing, and the police tried to intimidate and use force to disperse family and friends of Mark Duggan’s who had peacefully congregated on the Saturday for answers.

This insensitivity was the spark that started the riot, which spread like wild fire to other parts of the country.

Fires do not spread unless given the conditions for combustion.

Sadly the politicians do not have the courage to debate the causes of the riots; they have managed to divert the debate from politics to morality

 I think that once again they will not discuss the real issues and it will get papered over, that’s how they do it in England.

Shame that those talking about morality do not seem to have the moral courage to debate the real causes of the riots.

Not really surprising seeing as capitalism has no morality.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cameron's Attempt To Dismantle Society.

 Antonio Pedro.
From a criminologist point of view the rioting in England is more than just anger at the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, the Conservatives have managed in one year to cause the worst riots in thirty years.

Before the elections last year the now deputy prime minister Nick Clegg said that if the Conservatives got in with a small majority and implemented all their cuts they would trigger Greek style riots.

Now David Cameron the English prime minister has polarised the situation further by saying, that Britain is not just a broken society but it is also a sick one.

He says rioters are sick, funny thing when he was at university he belonged to a posh boys drinking club, the Bullingdon Club whose trademark was terrorising workers.

All millionaires sons, they wore a uniform and regularly smashed up pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants on a fun night out, leaving money for the damages.

David Cameron saw nothing wrong then in smashing up premises and scaring workers, for his and his rich cronies’ enjoyment.

 Now after just one year in government he has reintroduced Margaret Thatcher’s Britain and turned everything back to the 1980’s in his attempt to dismantle society.

By saying the rioters are sick Cameron is trying to get everyone to focus on morality and not on his policies that is creating the feeling of disenfranchisement for huge swathes of society.

Blaming the youths for behaving like the Bullingdon Boys doing anything they can get away with.

1987 at Brasenose College, Oxford which Cameron attended. Although the Labour party accused him of being a member of a secret society,the Bullingdon Club, is far from a secret society. Immortalized as the Bollinger Club by Evelyn Waugh, the Buller usually make its presence known by throwing exclusive yet rambunctious parties.
(1) the Hon. Edward Sebastian Grigg, the heir to Baron Altrincham of Tormarton and current chairman of Credit Suisse (UK)
(2) David Cameron
(3) Ralph Perry Robinson, a former child actor, designer, furniture-maker
(4) Ewen Fergusson, son of the British ambassador to France, Sir Ewen Fergusson and now at City law firm Herbert Smith
(5) Matthew Benson, the heir to the Earldom of Wemyss and March
(6) Sebastian James, the son of Lord Northbourne, a major landowner in Kent
(7) Jonathan Ford, the-then president of the club, a banker with Morgan Grenfell
(8) Boris Johnson, the-then president of the Oxford Union, now Lord Mayor of London
9) Harry Eastwood, the investment fund consultant

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Easier Life.

 Erna Rosenstein.
 I have been in the front room since 12 noon; Richie got me out of bed at 11 for a lovely shower.

This afternoon I had an appointment with an optician, and wanted to be ready before time.

The optician did not arrive until 14 and was here until 15.27, it was a thorough measuring session.

Something that did not occur when my eyes were measured in January, then the optician was here for 15 minutes.

It was not surprising when the glasses turned out to be much too strong for my eyes; the optician came back and measured my eyes again.

Sadly the glasses were only nearly good, but not quite good enough as I had to squint to read.

If only that optician had been more thorough like this one, if he had also used an eye chart and not just his computer, he would have tested my eyes with various lenses.

Then he would have noticed that I needed slightly more than he gave me, which I needed to read without squinting.

Another two weeks and I will get my new glasses which should make my life much easier than it is right now, here’s to an easier life.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Rioting In David Cameron's Big Society In England.

'' ES BLIKT IMMER'' 1991.

Erna Rosenstein.

It was quite incredible, watching the BBC news last night and seeing the pictures of rioting in London.

These were triggered off by the police shooting dead a man, Mark Duggan last Thursday in Tottenham.

The Independent Police Complaint authority has said there was no evidence that Mark Duggan had shot first as claimed by police to justify his death

The neighbourhoods involved were Tottenham, Hackney, Enfield, Wood Green, Croydon, Clapham, as well as cities like Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, West Bromich and Liverpool.

This morning we heard that rioting had spread to other parts of London, such as Ealing, Harlesden, we saw pictures of burned out shops, buses, cars and apartments.

There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding about what is going on, people do not seem to grasp what is happening.

They don’t understand that a lot people feel totally disenfranchised; they feel they have no perspectives.

Now the Conservative Party are in power there is no chance for many, of anything but a life on benefits and in damp, often mouldy accommodation.

The government have made many cuts which will mean even less chance for a good future for very many people.

I have been listening to the radio and heard a few calling for more discipline; they were actually advocating using violence to resolve the situation.

Absolute madness I think, how can you resolve violence by using violence, it is as far as I am concerned advocated by people who sadly have no capacity to think or have empathy with others.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Short Red Hair Feels Good.

Erna Rosenstein.

Richie hennaed my hair today, it’s very bright which is good; he will do it again tomorrow to make it even redder.

It felt good having my hair dyed the day after getting it cut, nice for it to be short and red, just how I like my hair.

Since Richie managed to get hold of new combs for the Carmen hair clippers, hair cutting has become easier.

Nice to have short hair, Richie used a number 2 to cut my hair, number 1 around my ears, I always feel better as soon as it’s short again.

I have always felt energized by a monthly hair cut, it felt like I was faster with short hair, I am sure this is only how it feels to me.

Life is I think, all to do with perception, how you feel, how you perceive life has an effect that can’t be underestimated.

Apparently psychologists are divided about the extent to which perception relies directly on the information present. 

Some argue that perceptual processes are not direct, but depend on the perceiver's expectations and previous knowledge as well as the information available.

Sounds like the chicken and egg question, which came first the chicken or the egg; this is not an easy question.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Changeable Weather Today.

Swimming Pool.
Erna Rosenstein.

Yesterday afternoon there was an amazing tropical downpour that drove everyone quickly off the streets.

I wonder what effect this had on the Gay Canal Parade 2011, which would have been reaching its climax just around 16.00.

The rain was so intense that I do not think anyone could have carried on dancing during that steady downpour.

This morning we woke to the news of a riot in Tottenham, North London that was triggered by the police shooting dead a man in a taxi last Thursday.

Tottenham has still not recovered from the 1986 riots, nor have all the injustices been corrected.

No wonder that what was seen by the local community to be a public execution has triggered an angry response.

 This is in large part due to the fact that after the 1986 riots the situation was not resolved, it was just hidden.

After a haircut and a lovely shower Richie got me dressed and sat in my wheelchair in time for a short visit from Marianne.

Very pleasant to see her, its been awhile since she could visit, hopefully Marianne will be able to work the earlier shift and be able to visit in the afternoon again.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Driving Lessons Are Going Well.

Nikos Engonopoulos

Richie got me up at 10.30 and by 11.45 I was sitting happily in my wheelchair in the front room.

We heard a great story from our friend Lin from The British General Stores, she recently sold tea and biscuits to Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

And yesterday somebody came in for a couple of the best jars of marmalade and crisps for Morrisey, singer from The Smiths.
The weather is not as nice as yesterday; there is a thick gray cloud lid over the city of Amsterdam, despite this it’s certainly warm enough.

Shame for the Gay Canal Parade, that is happening right now, but probably its warm enough, hopefully the pleasant breeze will return to keep humidity down.

I am watching the canal where the canal parade goes by on Donniecam
Often I will have a look at the Prinsengracht on that webcam, it’s near our old apartment, and our street came out on the Prinsengracht at one end.

At the other we were minutes away from the Leidseplein, a great location for us in 2000, we certainly enjoyed being near the centre of the city.

We enjoyed the Vondelpark, strolling along by the canals at night, going to concerts at the Melkweg and Paradiso.

I am glad we had such a good time when we lived there, our parties were well attended, and Richie’s party food was excellent.

Richie is off having a driving lesson, his second 2 hour lesson for this week, so good to know that my darling Richie is doing well.