Sunday, September 30, 2012

Progressive Policies For The 21st Century.

Roberto Matta.

There was an election on 12 September to elect a new government, so far there is no news who will be forming the new coalition government.

At the moment there are negotiations between the VVD which is the right wing Dutch Liberal party and the PVDA which is the Dutch Labour party.

I was hopeful that the elections and a new government would mean that they are not going to pursue the plan to restrict the use of coffee shops.

By making it law that everyone who wants to use a cannabis coffee shop has to register in order to get a pass to permit the use of one coffee shop only.

I can imagine the uproar if a law was passed that makes people register and get a permit to use one bar/cafe only or being allowed to go to only one supermarket.

Apparently this ridiculous proposal has not fallen along with the last failed coalition government, which was made up of ragtag parties.

One of these was the SGP, which is the Strict Protestant Reformed party, who do not allow women to be full members. T

They wanted to restrict the use of cannabis coffee shops, in fact they wanted them banned.

As neither the VVD, the right wing liberals and the CDA, the Christian Democrats had enough votes.

They had to accept parties like the SGP and their ridiculous policies so that they could form a government, they didn't care as long as they were in government.

They also needed parties such as the PVV, the party of freedom, the leader is Geert Wilders who once was a member of the VVD.

Until he decided to leave and form his own party, he is an opportunist who will play any card as long as it gets him power.

He likes to play the anti-Muslim card, and is also anti-Eastern Europeans especially Polish people as well as anti Turkish people and Moroccans.

Geert Wilders is a liability for any government, as he was for the last government which fell because he was alienating many of the Netherlands trading partners.

One of his policies was for the Netherlands to leave the European Union, this was in order to pursue his discriminatory policies.

Against immigrants, and anyone Wilders perceived as vulnerable these discriminatory policies are not tolerated in the European Union.

Which is why the PVV did not do well in the elections, as nobody agreed with anti-European Union ideas, not even members of their own party.

the SPG did very badly in the elections because of their policies concerning cannabis coffee shops as well as them being anti-Sunday trading.

The CDA did badly, because of the ill-fated coalition government, now we will all have to wait and see who is going to be the new government.

Hopefully the new government will have the moral courage to get rid of the proposal to bring in the restrictions on the use of cannabis coffee shops.

In the current climate it would seem to be an economic disaster to restrict the use of cannabis coffee shop is to either tourists or residents of the Netherlands.

In the meantime I and everybody else will just have to wait and see what happens, hopefully progressive policies will win again backward policies.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A never ending love affair with the legendary Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys.
It was wonderful seeing the legendary Beach Boys, as well as Public Image Ltd (PIL) with John Lydon, who used to be the front man of the Sex Pistols.
Apart from a wonderful jazz pianist and singer Natalie Duncan the other two bands, Muse and XX were not my idea of good music.
In fact I found them both to be dull and pretentious which is a shame I think, seeing as they had the instruments and the capacity to make exciting music.
Muse take two thirds of the song building an atmosphere and leave themselves with no room to build up to a dramatic ending.
They really did not make a good impression on me, I thought the front man looked like a constipated ferret.
The other band XX all seemed to be mournful songs about love and loss, sadly they all passed me by.
I think it would have been a better show without Muse and XX and just with the wonderful Beach Boys and PIL and Natalie Duncan.
In fact it would have been perfect with just the Beach Boys as I'm sure this is going to be the last time that they will be on Later with Jools Holland on BBC 2.
The Beach Boys are set to give a concert at the Royal Albert Hall which I feel will probably be be the last time that they perform in public.
They are such a wonderful group and given pleasure to many all over the world for over 50 years now, I fell in love with them when I was 14 in 1965.
Now in 2012 I'm still in love with them, I think they are absolutely the best group for lyrics and harmonies, they still give me a lot of pleasure listening to their music.

Friday, September 28, 2012

An Enjoyable Friday.

Roberto Matta.

Today is another pleasant day, it is really nice having a visitor staying with us, good to have  interaction with someone else.

Lovely having Aud staying with us, already the seem to be flying by but that's always the way, especially when you're enjoying yourself.

Richie has taken the dogs to the Rembrandt Park for a lovely run around and play with their favourite toys, so they'll be back soon happy and hungry for their dinner.

when Richie is back from the Rembrandt Park, he plans to make fresh tagliatelli and a tomato sauce with roasted aubergine and salad.

I plan to stop now and place this short piece on my blog together with another wonderful piece of artwork from Roberto Matta.

As soon as I've done that I can turn off the microphone and talk to Aud and listen to the radio without interfering with the Dragon voice recognition.

Tonight at midnight there will be a longer edition of Later with Jools Holland on BBC two which I am looking forward to tremendously.

I am looking forward to seeing the legendary Beach Boys, as well as Public Image Ltd or PIL with John Lydon, who used to be the front man of the Sex Pistols.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Enjoyable Day.

Roberto Matta.

It is really pleasant having Richie's sister Aud visiting us, she arrived quite late last night; it was really lovely to see again.

The dogs of course got overexcited when the doorbell rang and they were even more excited when Aud arrived at our apartment door.

We started talking immediately and were having such good fun that we stayed up much later than we meant to, all of us very tired but also extremely happy.

Richie gave me my baclofen tablets with freshly pressed orange juice at 10.00; he also had a delicious Pakistani honey mango for my breakfast.

Then he massaged my right arm after which we started doing my arm exercises, I my left arm Richie my right arm.

Followed by my leg exercises as well as massage after which Richie hoisted me out of bed and into the shower chair.

After a lovely shower, I was dressed, perfumed and returned back to bed to await the arrival of the rehabilitation clinic doctor and the wound nurse.

Milou, the wound nurse brought Dr. Janneke Stolwijk for a second opinion, Richie rolled me slightly to the left, so that they could get a good look at the wound.

Dr Stolwijk decided that she would have to remove a piece of hard skin which was stopping the wound healing, it took seconds but felt much longer.

Then Milou and Janneke left again after 15 minutes, most of which was spent talking and laughing, which really helped take my mind off what was happening.

Once they were gone, Richie made some delicious celeriac soup with crispy croutons, which was very good.

Aud brought a selection of English cheeses for us, which we sampled, there was Shropshire Blue, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale, Lakeland Cheddar Leicester all of them extremely tasty.

Richie has just got back from shopping and came straight in to tell me that he had bought a whole hake; we will have fish, chips and peas for dinner this evening.

It was a lovely being showered and dressed by 12.00 and back in bed ready to enjoy the entire afternoon with Aud and Richie and of course the dogs.

Before I do that I shall find a piece of artwork by Roberto Matta and post this on my blog, then I can enjoy the rest of the day, which I'm looking forward to.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Days.

Roberto Matta
Suddenly there was a lot of activity as Richie is very busy with vacuuming the apartment prior to Richie's sister Aud arriving to stay with us.

I hope she will have a pleasant relaxing time here with us and our three lovely dogs, which I'm sure, will be delighted to see her, someone else to play with them.

Cyril will be delirious with excitement at seeing Aud again; he was smitten with her when she visited us last November.

Then she was only here for three days and this time she will be here for nearly 11 days, which is brilliant as three days are over much too quickly.

Even 11 days will be over before we know, and it will be 6th of October but that is not something I'm going to concentrate on now.

Right now I'm just looking forward to seeing Aud and hearing her news as well as seeing how Cyril will react.

Seeing Aud in November gave the little dog a huge boost and he was very cheerful and a lot more confident in the weeks afterwards.

Since we got Tina not long after Aud's last visit she also has had a really positive effect on Cyril, who is a more relaxed and confident dog.

I'm hoping that seeing Aud will have a positive effect on him, we are hoping that Cyril will be even more relaxed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A slow day.

Roberto Matta.

It has been a very relaxed day today that was because we were taking it easy; mind you we took it maybe a bit too easy.

Because we waited until after the personal alarm box and the batteries had been renewed, the appointment was for anytime between 1300 and 1600.

Of course the engineer came here at 1545, how typical and only after he had gone did Richie take me into the bathroom for a lovely shower.

When I was showered, dressed and perfumed and back in bed Richie got me a small snack and drink so that I could take my baclofen tablets.
After that we both listened to today's episode of The Archers, a long-running radio program on BBC radio 4 which we listen to every night.
When it was over, Richie checked that the dinner was cooking all right in the oven and then he left with the dogs for a quick run round the Rembrandt Park.
I'm going to keep this short, and look for a painting by Roberto Matta and put this on my blog and enjoy dinner with Richie when he is back from the Park.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Lovely Visit.

Roberto Matta.

What a difference a few days can make, last week the temperature was still in the lower 20° and today on Monday 24th of September it feels like 10°.

The temperature is in fact 14° it just looks miserable because it's also been raining a lot which on a day like today makes everything look gloomy.

Richie has got his rain gear on and he and the dogs are going to set off for the Rembrandt Park in the hope of an hours playing as well is running around without any rain.

I had to pause the microphone until they departed because the dogs barking always produces strange sentences and I am fed up of deleting unwonted words added by barking.

Matilda came by at 1400 for my physiotherapy session which went well; although it's strange that she has the move my right arm during the exercises as I cannot move my right arm.

We had fun as we usually do during these sessions, laughing and talking as we did the exercises; before she left she had a huge cuddle with Cyril.

Matilda had just left when our doorbell rang and it was Cecile coming to visit us with a beautiful big bunch of orange and purple flowers.

They are very pretty and add much-needed colour to the room today, not long after Cecile arrived Richie brought in a plate of freshly made potato latkes.

Richie made them by grating potato, carrot, onion and adding finely chopped up garlic, Scotch Bonnet and flour which he mixed well.

Little patties were made and fried in olive oil until crisp and golden; it was a lovely sharing them with Cecile.

They were delicious with Lemon and Ginger tea, currently our favourite fruit tea, my other favourite is Apple tea which is refreshing to drink.

Cecile had to rush off after a very pleasant visit, it was lovely to see her, she looked good and showed off her new boots which looked good and suited her.

I'm looking forward to seeing Richie back from the Rembrandt Park, as I am not sitting comfortably, despite being slumped I can still write with Dragon voice recognition.

Despite the weather it is being an extremely pleasant day, a visit from Cecile with a gorgeous bunch of flowers is a lovely way to start the week.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enjoying The Present.

Roberto Matta.

Friday it was 21st of September which is the Autumn Solstice and right away it looked and felt like it.

It is only 21.00 now yet it feels so much later already, the other thing that is very noticeable is how much colder it has become within a couple of days.

For the last week I haven't had to use my mosquito net during the night and day we had been central heating on this morning because it was so cold first thing.

Richie is going to look for some warm trousers for me so I don't have to spend all day covered by duvet or blankets.

It's much nicer to be able to lie on top of the bed rather than be lying in bed covered; I think warm trousers is a very good idea of Richie’s.

We are both looking forward to seeing Aud on Wednesday next week; it is really special to have her staying with us.

What's even nicer is the fact that it's not a brief visit, as Aud will be here until 6 October, and I hope she will be back quite soon after that.

Looking outside it really looks like it is the end of October and nearly November and not the 23rd of September.

I seem to spend too much time worrying about when my old pressure wound would heal, if indeed it would ever heal and would I ever be outside again.

Too many questions none of which I could possibly answer, in fact the only effect of these questions was to upset and demotivate me.

Once I noticed while was doing to myself, I've decided to stop trying to guess what this horrible disease Multiple Sclerosis will do next.

There really is no point in my wasting valuable energy in trying to predict the future, not when I want to enjoy the present, which I do.

I'm going to leave the future for what it is something that will happen in due course, instead I'm going to concentrate on enjoying the present.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking Forward To Next Week.

Roberto Matta.

It's a nice autumn day to day, blue skies sunshine with the occasional cloud cover which then moves away again to reveal more sunshine.

Today is going to be the last pleasant day according to the weather report before a low weather system moves in with lots of rain and high winds.

I spoke to our friend Lin from the British General Store this afternoon and she said that she intends to go out blackberry picking tomorrow whatever the weather does.

It would be lovely if she were successful and picks lots of blackberries as Lin has promised to give us some.

Looking forward to Richie making jam and maybe a small blackberry pie or even a blackberry crumble that would be delicious.

Despite finally getting a good night sleep last night I don't yet feel 100% recovered from Wednesday night’s alarm drama.

We've had it switched off since Thursday and won't switch it back on until the new battery and alarm box is installed on Tuesday afternoon next week.

Mind you I've been wondering whether I actually need the alarm, seeing as I can easily telephone the emergency services using the Home servant IPaq.

Also once the Seetech computer is totally organised I can add the emergency services telephone numbers into my emergency numbers.

I'll discuss it with Richie over the weekend in the meantime I'm going to enjoy looking for some artwork from Roberto Matta after which Richie and I will watch the next episode of Doctor Who on BBC one.

Next week our favourite music program Later with Jools comes back on BBC2 on Tuesday evening as well as Friday.

And even better Richie's sister Aud will arrive on Wednesday and she'll be staying until 6 October which is fantastic, lovely to have her staying with us.

I'm looking forward to next week, good music on television and a visit from Aud,lots to look forward to.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Recovery Day.

Roberto Matta.

The drama with the alarm going off in the middle of the night on Wednesday robbed us of a good night's sleep plus a busy day yesterday was too much. .

It has had quite an effect on both Richie as well as me; we are both totally exhausted even though we managed sleep undisturbed last night.

We have not recovered enough from the lack of sleep on Wednesday night; it's amazing how tired we are when we don't get sufficient rest at night.

Right now Richie is out in the Amsterdam woods with our three dogs, Marleen, Cyril and Tina, I'm sure they're having a wonderful time.

I'm looking forward to their return home when they will charge in the door all excited after the Park and eager for their dinner.

Tonight I intend to take it easy and do nothing after posting this apart from relax.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Busy Day.

Roberto Matta.

Last night we were both fast asleep when just after 03.00 the phone rang which ripped as both out of our slumbers.

These days it's not possible for me to get my arm out from under the cover and stretched out in order to pick up the call.

The noise of the phone ringing eventually stopped and we both tried to go back to sleep just as we were dozing off the phone rang again.

This time Richie answered and shouted leave us alone and replaced the receiver again, we both tried to carry on sleeping.

Only to be disturbed by a ring at our apartment door, which got the dogs barking, Richie and the dogs rushed to our front door.

When Richie got there he was greeted by two ambulance men, apparently my alarm had gone off.

Something neither of us had noticed because we were asleep, the ambulance crew took some persuading that I was okay.

In fact Richie had to yell at them and then they finally understood that we had not activated the alarm, then they finally left.

It took us both a long time to calm down and relax and even then it was a long time before either of us could sleep again.

We wanted an early night because somebody from RTD was coming around at 10.00 to install the English as well as the German dictionaries on the Seetech computer.

On the phone Rini, the engineer told us he would not be long, he ended up being here from 10.16 to 14.30, in which time he installed everything successfully.

He also downloaded for me which has Word but sadly no e-mail program, it would be great to find a free downloadable e-mail on the Internet.

While he was here he reprogrammed the IPaq gadget because I could not activate the bed so could not adjust my position.

He also edited one of the numbers on the quick dialling page and he removed the control box on my wheelchair for the electric arm, which I returned the.

No sooner had Rini left but my lovely physiotherapist Mathilde arrived for our Thursday appointment.

Not long after she was gone Gareth and Paul came round to visit us one more time before they leave tomorrow afternoon.

It has been quite a day; I've never had so many phone calls as today or so many people coming round.

It would have been much pleasant had we both got a good night's sleep, I phoned Ata the alarm providers, and explained what had happened and how often the alarm goes off on its own.

I now have an appointment for someone to come here next Tuesday to replace not just the battery but also the box.

Once that is done we shouldn't have any more incidents with the alarm going off on its own like it did in the middle of the night.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Great News.

Roberto Matta.
Jazz band, 1973.

This morning Milou came to see us, check on the progress of my wound, she told us that it was looking even better than last time, two weeks ago.

She will be back to see me on 3 October, before she comes back she will discuss with Dr. Stolwijk, if there is anything else she can do speed up the healing process.

It's been quiet and empty since our lovely visitors, Gareth and Paul left on Monday, but it seems that won't be for long.

As we had great news yesterday from Aud, Richie's sister that she will be coming to see us on 26th of September and she'll be staying until 6th of October.

That is such brilliant news, I'm looking forward tremendously to seeing her, I'm hoping next week the weather will be better than this week.

It will be lovely to have Aud here with us, especially for 11 days, I'm very excited to be seeing her again.

I know the dogs will be happy to see her especially Cyril who seemed to fall in love with her when she visited us last November.

It's great that we're getting another visitor so soon, that is excellent and just what we need right now.

Getting Aud's e-mail yesterday with the dates of her visit is really such good news; I'm feeling extremely positive about life now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feeling Positive.

Roberto Matta.
It's funny how empty it feels when visitors have left again after a lovely visit. Gareth and Paul's visit has done both Richie and myself a lot of good.

Lovely to have had two such nice people staying with us, however long the visit is it can never be long enough, not with good friends anyway.

Today we have been taking it very easy, and in between sort of day after our lovely friends had left yesterday.

Were both still basking in the afterglow of having friends staying here with us, it has been so good having Gareth and Paul here, nice to be able to talk to other people.

Their visit and given us the boost we needed and now we can carry on refreshed after seeing good friends, I'm feeling very positive now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Enjoyable Moments With Good Friends

Roberto Matta.

It has been wonderful having Gareth and Paul staying with us for 3 1/2 lovely days.

The days have flown by and before we knew it they were saying goodbye to us at 13.45.

It was a shame as I was hoping to speak with them after my physiotherapy appointment with Mathilde which only lasted for 30 minutes.

Maybe I should have mentioned this when I told them that I had a physiotherapy appointment this afternoon.

Never mind we will be seeing them again briefly on Thursday afternoon so I will have a chance to talk some more with them.

I hope they have a lovely time at their good friend Steve's apartment right in the centre of Amsterdam.

It has been a truly beautiful visit with two fine men, who we are so happy to know, I'm glad they have been here, I've enjoyed every moment.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Relaxed Sunday With Friends.

Roberto Matta.
Listen to Living.

We are having a relaxed Sunday enjoying the company of our two good friends, Gareth and Paul.

It is really lovely having them here to stay with us and I'm enjoying seeing them so very much, and so is Richie.

Richie had just taken the three dogs for a run around in the Amsterdam woods from which they will return extremely happy.

I am going to keep this short in order to make the most of Gareth and Paul’s stay with us, another piece of artwork from Roberto Matta is already chosen.

It is lovely to be enjoying this relaxing Sunday surrounded by so much loving friendship, sometimes life is really good, I'm enjoying those moments right now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Roberto Matta.

After I woke up morning I started to cry, usually I try to hold back the tears, but once they start it is difficult to stop again.

Today it was more difficult to do so; my whole situation was really getting to me, and especially knowing there's nothing I can do to change it.

How I wish there was because I would do everything I could, but sadly it is neither in my power nor in the power of my darling Richie.

Richie does so much for t and I don't just mean the physical care, he makes my life so much better, he always has.

Crying has a function, today it was necessary to relieve the pressure that has accumulated recently.

One thing I'm about is that tell Richie immediately that I was depressed and could see no chance of my prospects improving.

It’s pretty depressing being in bed so long again, with seemingly no chance of going outside.

Sometimes it feels like I will never experience that again, when I had to go to the hospital recently I was briefly out in the fresh air and it was wonderful.

Even though it was only for a few minutes between the front door and getting into the ambulance still it was gorgeous to be outside.

Luckily the weather was wonderful that day, it was warm and sunny, sadly I did not see much of this beautiful city through the ambulance windows.

The crewmember who sat in the back with us told me where we were passing which was very nice of him.

Those few minutes outside were wonderful.  

Friday, September 14, 2012

An Exciting Day

Roberto Matta.
It's exciting day to day, because to visitors arriving at any minute now, Gareth and Paul will be staying in Amsterdam for 10 days.

They will be staying with us for three of those days, which will be really lovely; it is so nice to have our good friends here with us.

Richie is in the spare room making it look nice for their arrival, I can hear him moving around.

I am extremely happy at the prospect of idea friends being here so soon, Gareth just rang from Schiphol Airport.

He wanted to let us know they were catching the train Amsterdam Central any minute and it would be with us within an hour.

The weather is improving nice to see the clouds rolling away and blue sky and sunshine replacing them.

Hopefully the weather will be pleasant for Gareth and Paul’s visit to their friends in Amsterdam, all I am sure, are as excited as we are.

There will be staying here until Sunday, so my post will not be very long during their visit, I've already found art work from a from my favourite artist Roberto Matta, the famous surrealist from Chile.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Promises Than Action.

Roberto Matta.

Well it seems that Seetech is also going to be something that is turning into a never-ending story.

I hope not, but it does seem to be a problem, when Riny, from RTD came here with the Seetech computer on 29 August I thought everything was in order.

On the day transpired that despite promises that the RTD employee Werner made on 15 May they have not been able to provide an English dictionary.

Nor are they managed to buy the correct German dictionary, for which we paid them a couple of months ago.

Riny promised me that he would track down both of these applications and he would call me back last week to make an appointment to this week.

Well he did neither last week, something that did not surprise me and that is the behaviour I'm used to from his company, RTD Het Dorp from Arnhem.

I sent the company an e-mail last Friday asking to be called this Monday, Riny called and left a voice message promising to get back to me on Wednesday.

After waiting all day hearing anything I concluded at 17. 37 that I might as well forget about the phone call.

Right then the phone rang and it was Riny from RTD, however he was not calling to make an appointment, sadly not, instead he had other news.

Which was quite shocking news, he told me that I was the first person to want to use English on the Seetech computer, according to him this was the first time.
I was amazed to hear this yesterday, especially as this was never mentioned by other employee at the appointment to discuss Seetech on 15th of May.

Werner, their salesmen, who told both my occupational therapist and myself that it was no problem to install both the English as well as a German dictionary.

Riny told me he would do his best to try and work out how to install and use both dictionaries of the Seetech computer.

Once again I got the promise of a phone call either on Friday or next week, again I am left waiting, a familiar story and one that I've become very used to.

Over the last years of having to deal with suppliers as well as the bureaucrats who act as go-betweens.   

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enjoying The Sunshine.

Roberto Matta.

It’s been both summer and autumn day, when I woke up this morning, it was quite cold and there was a thick cloud cover.

It was so cool Richie closed both bedroom windows as well as turning on the central heating for 10 min to take the chill off the room.

In the afternoon the cloud cover vanished and was replaced by a lovely blue sky and pretty sunshine which lasted until nearly 19.00.

Today it has not been easy for Richie to get me sitting well, nor has it been possible for me to maintain my position for very long.

As I can't sit well it means that it is more difficult for me to do simple things like backspace to delete or even reach for either my hanky or THC.

I guess it's just one of those days as I've been sitting extremely well for the last couple of weeks, and now this happens today.

How very typical for this to happen today and despite all Richie's excellent efforts to achieve a good sitting position for me.

I am glad that even so I've been able to carry on dictating using my Dragon voice recognition software and editing as I go.

I need to learn how to move word is close to each other once I have deleted words that are either misspelt or just not the words I wanted.

Knowing how to use the mouse via commands as well as learning how to get Dragon to open other applications would be very useful.

Especially after my left index finger, thumb and little finger no longer can function which is not long now I think.

My intention is to be ready when that happens, so that I can carry on communicating.

Via my blog, e-mails as well as read the newspapers, play solitaire and purchase pretty things on eBay.

Now that I cannot go out to the shops eBay has become the shop I can visit and either window shop or buy both are pleasant to do.

Well now that I've finished I shall find a picture and place both on my blog, after which I'm going to enjoy Richie’s company when he returns from the Rembrandt Park with the dogs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still Have Pride In My Appearance.

Roberto Matta.

It is definitely getting cooler now as summer is being replaced by autumn weather.

Which I would enjoy more if I could go outside, even better if I could be mobile then I would have no problems with it getting cooler.

Because the weather has changed, I have to wear a light jacket or a zipped up top to keep me comfortably warm.

Clothes are not easy for me any more because of my increased disability, which makes some items of clothing difficult to get on me.

There is a real shame especially as I can no longer where several of my favourite T-shirts anymore.

Before I became so handicapped and sensitive to temperature I used to love wearing thin sleeveless T-shirts which I can't wear any more.

I also can't wear anything that is made out of lycra, as I can't adjust it correctly sitting in a wheelchair or in bed.

Lycra garments are only good worn by people who are mobile; they are no good for wheelchair users as they ride up and do not sit nicely.

Which is a real shame because these days so many items of clothing are made either in Lycra or containing it.

The other item of clothing, that I could not wear for ages until Richie worked out how to adapt my clothing, were denim jeans.

In fact most trousers were not suitable in a wheelchair, as sitting down causes the waistband to go too far under the waist which is not a pleasant sensation.

Now all trousers, zipped up tops, jackets get adapted by our friend Anja, so that they don't get ripped up being put on in the shower chair.

Most garments do not last very long when having to be pulled on over the hard plastic surface of the shower chair.

Adapting my clothes has extended how long they will last for, and carrying out the adaptations ourselves is much cheaper than buying from disabled clothing websites.

As well as the clothes being more attractive than the majority of clothing supposedly designed for handicapped people.

It is a shame that the majority of companies who sell clothing for handicapped people do not have real empathy with their clients.

If they did they would realise that being handicapped does not mean no longer wanting to put on attractive clothing.

I still enjoy wearing nice things, which includes using perfume, wearing earrings, necklaces and rings all things that I still love.