Monday, December 10, 2012

Join the conversation.

.Roberto Matta.

It is very good John is staying here with us, it is nice to hear Richie talking with him in the front room, that is when he is not in the here with me.

My physiotherapist Matilda was here this afternoon 1400 for my Monday physiotherapy session.

She left at 1430 and I've been trying ever since to get my post dictated to the voice recognition software which was not easy.

Mainly because either the Dragon voice recognition software just did not cooperate with what I was dictating and just seemed to invent words.

Or because John was in the here wanting to talk and Richie would come in as well and before I knew it was a wonderful three-way conversation.

I'm going to stop now and look for artwork by Roberto Matta I will publish this on my blog and join the conversation.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

A Special Occasion,

Roberto Matta.

Yesterday Richie was very busy all day with me, the dogs and shopping for us and for our visitor who we were looking forward to a lot.

It was very exciting waiting for 20.00 when John said he would be here, and he was, it was very nice to see him again after so long.

We came to the conclusion that we had not seen each other since 1998 when we were still living at the Haarlemmer Dijk, before we moved in 2000.

Seeing John again was so natural, it did not seem like 14 years ago it felt like we had only seen each other a few weeks ago.

Good to be able to relate to each other just like we always did, nice to feel so relaxed in each other's company.

Richie is cooking dinner for the three of us, John brought us some vegetarian haggis, most of it is in the deep freeze, Richie has made some for us tonight.

Which we will eat with mashed potatoes and swede which is what is traditionally eaten on Burns night in January on Robert Burn’s birthday.

It really is lovely to see you a good friend like John again, I'm so very glad that he is here visiting us, this really is a special occasion being reunited with such a good friend.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Happy Anticipation .

Roberto Matta.

Two weeks ago we suddenly got a phone call from John a good friend of Richie's, from the oil rig where he is working, telling us that he would be coming to see us for a visit.

The visit was planned for the 8th of December for a week, which he hoped was okay with us, as he did not want to make problems for us.

We immediately reassured him that it was not a problem in fact it was the opposite; it was excellent news that he was finally coming to visit us after all these years.

it is absolutely not a problem to have such a good friend of both of ours, visiting us here, in fact it is the opposite it is a pleasure to have him visiting us in Amsterdam after all these years.

On Wednesday John phoned us to tell us that he was still on the oil rig due to the fact that unexpected snowfall meant he could not get a flight back to Glasgow.

He hoped that it was going to still be possible to get a flight back home to Glasgow, but may be it would have to be postponed until a later date; he promised that he would keep us informed.

We didn't hear anything more until around 1200 today when the phone rang and it was John to tell us that he would be arriving approximately at 1900 this evening.

Now we are both looking forward to seeing him again, how very typical of John to suddenly come and visit us, I think it is going to be a very good weeks visit.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Not gone to plan.

Roberto Matta.

It is amazing how today has totally not gone according to our plan; we were going to be ready for a good friend Anja visiting us around 15.00 this afternoon.

Anja rang just after lunchtime to say that because of the unexpected snowfall, where she lives there was over 20 cm of snow.

Apparently the bus service was not working at all well so she would not be able to get into Amersfoort in order to catch a train to Amsterdam.

Sadly the proposed visit had to be postponed until next week Friday when hopefully the weather will allow Anja to get to us in Amsterdam West.

My plan had been to get my blog posts done so that I could concentrate on other things, now I'm just going to do what I can and enjoy the evening.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

A relaxing night.

Roberto Matta.

Amazingly today has been a very pleasant looking day, with blue skies and weak sunshine sadly none of the snow that fell last night remained on the ground this morning.

Yesterday it rained all day and our three dogs did not like going outside, they seem to think that it was all Richie's fault that it was so wet outside, that they were almost refusing to go outside until it was dry again.

Yet when they went out later on and it was snowing they were delighted and jumped and played exuberantly in the falling snow, according to Richie it was a pretty sight seeing them play so happily.

Richie has taken them to the Rembrandt Park so that they can run and play to their hearts content and get rid of some of their excess energy, then they will come home happy for their dinner afterwards they will be relaxed and content dogs.

No sooner had I written this when the door opened and Richie and three dogs were back from the Park, by the sound of the dogs running around they had a good time which is good news for all of us as tonight will be very relaxed now.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What a relief.

Neither Richie now I were looking forward to the catheter change, especially Richie was not looking forward to having to do it once again.

I did not realise that he was having such dilemma about it otherwise I would not have asked him so very late on Saturday whether it could be done on Sunday.

Later on I realised that gone one o'clock Sunday morning was not such a good moment for that question.

I did not ask him again until Monday afternoon when I enquired whether I should ask is that our general practitioner or the district nurse to do the catheter change.

Richie said that when I asked him too late on Saturday night it had not been a good moment to him as he was panicking about doing the next one.

We agreed that Wednesday would be a good day to change the catheter, and today that is just want Richie did.

Last night a sleeping tablet allowed me to sleep without any worry about the change of catheter, this worked very well and I had a good nights sleep.

Half an hour before Richie before Richie inserted the new catheter I took a valium tablet which relaxed me for the procedure.

The whole catheter change went quickly and well, before I knew it was done; afterwards Richie and I were both extremely relieved.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

First Tuesday with Jools Holland on TV.

Roberto Matta.

The first Tuesday without the prospect of good music on Later with Jools Holland was not such a nice one, but I soon took my mind off it by listening to music by Bach.

Listening to Bach’s music is always an uplifting experience for me, I do like the classical composers Beethoven's is one of my big favourites.

I remember years ago when there was a sale at a WH Smith shop in Reading when everything was so cheap that I bought over 40 LPs.

I had a wonderful cross-section from Richard Wagner to Jimmy Witherspoon, Bessie Smith and many other wonderful artists.

I also bought a lot of rock 'n' roll, some rockabilly and punk music so great range of music which is what I enjoy listening.

In the afternoon I had an appointment Peter from the rehabilitation clinic, he was here to discuss the wrist supports which allow me keep using the Motomed.

As well as the exercises which I do in bed utilising the handle that dangles over the bed which I can no longer use to pull myself up with.

I now have two new handles to use in bed which will be easier for my hands to hold onto, a good appointment which was very useful for Richie and myself.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Keeping in touch.

Roberto Matta.

This afternoon a good friend Christoph came to visit us, we both met when I got a job working at a Sykes call centre.

It was not the worst of these call centres, which often resembled industrial milking parlours and had no care whatsoever for their workers.

Sykes certainly did get everything they could get out of their workers without giving very much back to their workforce.

When I started work there Christoph was one of the first people I met, he was a very supportive and friendly colleague, whom it was good to work with.

One thing that I did get from working at a Sykes call centre was a very good friend, I'm so glad that we are still in touch with each other.

At most places that I have worked I have kept in touch with people I've met that I like, it is nice to still be in contact with colleagues who have become friends.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Enjoying Life.

Roberto Matta.
Yesterday was the first time since I began writing my blog every day in February 2009 that I did not write a blog post.

This was because I was getting too involved in introspective thoughts, thoughts which would just go round in circles.

Yesterday I wanted to do something different to break the cycle, and it worked instead of writing I spent the day relaxing and enjoying the world around me.

It reaffirmed again for me why it is important to enjoy and make the most out of each precious moment.

Enjoying the moment is really what life is all about; sometimes like yesterday I need reminding that it's not a cliché but reality, it is important to enjoy life.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Brilliant last edition for 2012 of Later with Jools Holland.

Roberto Matta.

On Friday late Richie and I both watched the last edition for 2012 of Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

The performers were the following: Soul 2 Soul, Tift Merrit, Nona Hendrix, Lana Delray, Tom Odell, The Weekend, and Palma Violet.

The only ones I knew were Soul 2 Soul and Nona Hendrix who I remember from the wonderful La Belle, with Patti La Belle, sadly I can't remember the name of the other member.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Soul 2 Soul again, their singer Karin has a wonderful voice which I remembered as soon as she started singing, they are an enjoyable band to watch.

Nona Hendrix was absolutely glorious to hear singing again, she has not lost her magnificent voice, and I enjoyed watching her and her two wonderful backing singers and her excellent band.

Tift Merrit, Tom Odell, The Weekend, Palma Violet were all unknown to me which was good because it's always enjoyable to be introduced to performers you don't know.

Tift Merrit was absolutely wonderful, what a wonderful performer, she has it all, voice, guitar playing, songs and performance Richie and I could have watched and listened for much longer.

It must have been quite difficult for Lana Delray to follow three such good female vocalists as the singer from Soul 2 Soul, Nona Hendrix and Tift Merrit when you do not have a voice to match.

I have seen Lana Delray a couple of times and did not like her act, I was hoping she would be better this time, but despite a good band again I found her to be lacking, she has not got a voice.

Tom Odell was also not my cup of tea, but on Friday night I did enjoy listening to him singing and accompanying himself on the piano, for all those who like piano they will undoubtedly enjoy listening to Tom who is a charming young performer.

The Weekend was another act that weren't really my sort of music, whether the singer has a very good voice and I got drawn in to listening and enjoying the performance a lot.

Palmer Violet was a brilliant band who I liked when I heard them on Tuesday and Friday confirmed my opinion of them, they are a great rock 'n' roll band whose CD I'm going to buy.

It was extremely enjoyable to see the show on Friday, Richie and I are a little sad that Friday was the last show for 2012, on the 31st of December Jools Holland will be back with his Hogmanay show and next April the next series of Later with Jools Holland will be back on BBC2.