Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you feel lucky today?

Find it difficult to deal with questions such as:

What does the doctor say?

In my case nothing as they do not know and can not make a prognosis.

Or are you any better?

No and I won't be better.

Or about the wound when do the doctors think it will heal?
They have no idea and say slowly.

It's very worrying to have an illness where doctors can not help me which is weird as we are all brought up to think the doctors can always help.

Just not with something like primary progressive MS then doctors and patients have to gamble.

The good and not so good.

Today my favourite cousin, Katrin visited me which was very good.

Every month she spends a week at her mother's in Essen, she travelled there from Normandy, France yesterday.

And this morning she got on the train at 9am to come to Amsterdam to visit me.

She got here at 12 noon and we talked and talked and then suddenly before we realized, it was already 17 pm and Karin had to leave and head off to the station to catch her train back to Dusseldorf.

A lovely day sadly after Katrin had left I discovered that my right hand is not working too well am finding that its difficult to open things and amd finding it very hard to use my laptop.

Hope its a temp. blip and not that this is the end of being able to keep myself amused with playing patience and freecell and mahjong and read the papers and listen to the radio.

Nothing earthshatteringly important but activities that have meant that I can cope with what is happening to me

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good days

Been good days these last few days.

Thursday our lovely neighbour Willes came down and helped us sort through a huge pile of post which was brilliant as I could not cope with it.

Not easy to do the administation lying in bed.

Huge relief when all the post was sorted, dealt with and filed away.

Friday was another good day,first had a lovely visit from our lovely friend Jeanet and after she left our two lovely friends Gareth and Paul from Wales came to visit.

They are in Amsterdam for a week, it was brilliant to see them looking so well and so happy together.

Gareth moved back to Wales in 2003 still miss him living close by but can see that it was the right decision for him.

It was a good visit, Gareth and Paul went up the road and brought back a delicious meal which I throughly enjoyed.

A very good friday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tom Jones busking for a cancer charity

Interesting program

Want to use my blog to share how the MS is going and how I am coping.

That's the theory in practise notice that I often do not write some things cos I don't want to upset.

Which is crazy but there you go, think that now perhaps I will be able to write freely again.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday was a good day but sadly in the evening things went differently.

Richie was getting me out of bed with the hoist and had just hoisted me up and was getting me off the bed when I said get me to the shower chair quick as I feel that I am slipping and as I said it I fell.

Luckily my fall was broken by me striking the bed with the back of my head and after hitting it twice ended up on the floor.

Richie got the phone and dialled the emergency number as my head began to bleed copiously.

Willes, our neighbour came down soon as Richie called her and held my hand while Richie pur something under my head to staunch the bloodflow.

The ambulance people arrived and were very good they got me up on the bed and checked my head which turned out to be a scraped head and not a deep wound.

What a relief!

Thay advised me to take a painkillere and to wait for an hour before getting out of bed.

We took their advice gladly as we were both having a reaction to what had happened.

Was very wobbly for a couple of hours and finally after midnight Richie got the sling attached to the hoist and gently and safely got me out of bed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feeling optimistic now there is progress with the wound feel now that there is a good chance that I will sit again soon.

Today the nurse from the Rehabilitation Centre came round on his weekly visit.

He was very pleased with the progress of the wound and agreed with Richie that it was a tiny bit smaller.

Its great to hear progress is being made even if slow onwards and upwards.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Richie started a blog yesterday here is the link:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good news.

Good news today from the plastic surgeon who visited this morning with a colleague and the wound care nurse from the Amsterdam Rehabilitation Center.

The doctor was very happy with how the wound looks and is now confident that it should heal slowly.

He confirmed that there was now no need for an operation.

What a relief.

He complimented Richie for his excellent care and especially for keeping the wound clean and well bandaged.

The nurse said they could not do better at the rehab. center.

We are both very relieved and happy.