Monday, February 26, 2007

Every little bit helps

I been waiting since august 2006 to get my own wheelchair and other aids I need to help me live as independent a life as possible.

So far the red tape has been horrible, instead of assessing my needs they only want to give me the cheapest chair yet I need it permanently and all the time.

I have been refused a invalid car too expensive even though it would be very useful for me plus wheelchair.

I have been refused a handbike even though it and the motomed are the only ways I can exercise my paralysed legs, again too expensive.

I appealed the decision not to give me a handbike and had a hearing about it last week. I prepared well for it producing a small document for both members of the panel and expected them to be equally professional, both were totally disinterested and accepted the document supporting my case then hardly bothered to listen to my additional arguments and informed me right away that the decison was still no. So much for a fair hearing where all evidence gets looked at and a balanced decison is made. No it was a pro forma hearing with an immediate pro
forma decison.

I can have a bed if I accept a hospital single bed which excludes sleeping with a partner, obviously the chronically ill don't need intimacy.

I can't wait for burocracy to help me, can't afford to let anymore time go by have to start living and exercising and keeping my body as fit as possible.

To do this I need to get the following:

A good bed that is electrically operated so I can get up and go to bed independently without MD's help.

A handbike so I can exercise top of my body, its also pretty good for going for walks with the dogs. One with a help motor for the moments when my strength runs out.

A motomed to exercise my legs, its got a help motor which exercises my legs when I can't pedal myself. A very useful machine and will keep me healthy and stop problems with circulation and other secondary effects from the paralysis.

And a good wheelchair.

These items cost heaps of money, I dare not wait until we have saved up the money as by then my muscles will have gone west so I need to act now.

Got so desperate that I actually sent an email out to all my friends asking for contributions as every little bit helps. I hate to ask for help and especially hate asking for money but do need all the help to remain independent.

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