Monday, October 20, 2008

Wish that healing prayers and pleasant thoughts would help me get better.

Sadly that is not possible with a chronic disease such as MS and especially in the progressive phase.

Doctors are not interested in progressive MS because they can not medicate as the MS drugs available are all for the other forms of MS.

Additionally they can not give a prognosis as to the course of the disease as they can with most other diseases.

This must be very unnerving for the professionals, always strikes me as being abit like the Emperor's new clothes.

Poor doctors suddenly revealed as not having the knowledge we assume they have and suddenly its the Wizard of Oz and behind the curtain there is a man not a wizard.

Both neurologists that I have been to could not tell me anything apart from advise me that cannabis was the best painkiller.

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Herrad, your optimism even in the face of some serious adversity is inspiring. I do wish that thoughts and prayers were enough.

Good news though. We reached the fundraising goal!!! $600 USD. I am so thrilled with that. The generosity has been amazing, especially with the final donor (from UK) who brought it to the top.

Now I need to either work with Anne to physically get you the funds, or send them to you if you have a PayPal account. I'm just so happy that this was successful.