Sunday, November 09, 2014

First longer post.

Brilliant being online again, especially after  nearly two years, which is thanks to Shannon Electronics excellent plug and play invention, the LipStick.

This invention of theirs has had a dramatic effect on my life, instead of passively watching the telly all the time now there is another option.

Now I  can get online again, write my blog posts, send emails, read newspapers, listen to music which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Being able to write again is special, as there many days when I doubted whether I would ever be able to use a pc again, it seemed for ages that this would be impossible. 

My hands started losing some functionality when we moved to this apartment in 2007,  we had to, as I needed a lift to let me go outside independently.

Without the help of  the mobility bus staff who carried me up, down the stairs in our previous apartment, a scary experience, one I endured for a year.

There was no choice, either put up with being carried or stay home all day and everyday, our apartment began to feel like I was  imprisoned in it, apart from medical appointments.    

Sadly when we had moved here despite the lift, I could not go out on  my own as I could not use the keys to open doors, the move was a year too late for going out independently.  
It was horrible losing the use of my hands, first my right hand , my right index finger became floppy and unusable to type or do anything, a sad moment.

One consolation was for awhile it was still possible to use the mouse with my right hand and type with my left index finger , voice recognition was good, it helped me post and send emails.

This worked well until my left index finger also got too floppy to type with, luckily my little finger on my left hand allowed me to open and close things, Dragon voice recognition did the rest.

The Seetech pc did'nt work for me, I thought all I needed was more instructions how to use it, finally  the supplier KesterenRtd Het Dorp agreed to visit again on 8th August this year.

Their engineer stunned, Richie and I by telling us that it was not possible to go online with  the Seetech as the software could not process passwords.

 What a bombshell after more than  two years of being told I could go online and write blog posts, send emails, visit other blogs and buy presents.

 Turned out it was all lies, when we said take the Seetech pc away it is useless, they told us about the LipStick, so Richie bought it immediately, otherwise I would be still waiting.


Tracey's Life said...

so happy you are back online with your stunning pictures and writing.

Judy said...

Herrad, I'm glad to see you found an option that works for you. It will make you feel less isolated. Wishing you all the best from here on.

Gareth said...

Greetings folks, so wonderful to read your posts again and to get your e-mails. Off for wednesday walking tomorrow so will send some pics. LOVE TO ALL GXXX