Saturday, October 28, 2006

"seems to be life but not as we know it Jim"

I have been meaning to post an update but have not been able to until now and tonight it's not going to be much.

Just need to post the fact that I just can't believe the new world I am having to learn to live in, this parallel universe to the one I was in just a few short months ago when I was still walking even though with difficulty.

Can't believe that up until recently I thought that all this sort of thing, care of the sick and handicapped was well taken care of here in Holland. Shock/horror to find the opposite seems to be the truth.

It sure blows my mind the amount of hassle and time it takes to get all the things I need. Lots of telephone calls and lots of paperwork and many layers of burocracy. And many disappointments as over and again my nose is rubbed in the fact that I am now somehow less than I was before.

The last weeks since my first post has been spent going to appointments at the rehabilitation center and making endless phone calls chasing up the possibility of being rehoused and/or finding another solution to living on the second floor without a lift. Everybody has told me that I won't be given a stairlift cos its too expensive.

My other aim is to get myself a closed vehicle to get about in, a scootmobiel is very nice but not in all weathers especially as the ms makes me very sensitive to the weather, extremes of temperature makes my ms worse. So I shall be trying to get hold of a little car, a canta is ok but a threewheeler like a piaggio and a hoist lift for wheelchair would be brilliant.

Ok more soon, in fact plenty more as I have tales of my adventures with getting and using a shower chair, the wonders of the mobility bus and other stories.

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