Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Days !!

What a decision to have to make.

The Rehabilitation Centre Amsterdam have offered to give me a place there to get me out of the flat cos I can't do the steps in a safe way anymore so spend too much time sitting in a few places and my muscles are losing strength.

Also its potenially not safe me being locked in on the 2nd floor as well as very unpleasant for me being home now for 5 months in a sort of house arrest. If this were Burma there would be an outcry.

All being made worse cos of waiting to be rehoused with at the moment little hope, the council give you documents saying you have priority but it's pretty meaningless as they dismantled the social housing here so have no flats to distribute to the people they give prioirty to, which seems to be a strange way of doing things.

Hopefully my going to stay at the RCA for a month will get things moving, certainly that's what the Rehabilitation Centre hopes will happen. I hear that the burocrats have been getting lots of calls and emails and are buzzing around and maybe they will even sort it out soon especially as the RCA must be quite expensive.

After the shock of the first couple of days and a glorius weekend at home with MD the first full week at the RCA, last week 27-11- til1-12- was not too bad at all, it certainly improved after I got a room of my own. Did not have to share with the middle class gentleman any more. He was on the phone every night til gone midnight plus tv and other noises it was horrible. Since wedsnesday 2 9-11 I can sleep through the night again.

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