Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Days part two

A good case for the ombudsman.

Given that since January 2006 the law states institutions have an obligation to plan for disability, with laws from the E.U regulations. The obligation is now on public institutions to plan for disabled needs and to assume disabled needs will need to be met.

This obligation to the disabled has clearly been ignored in my case. The flexibility needed to deal with increased disability in housing has not been provided thus placing myself and other disabled people in severe distress.

In my case it means that I am now in limboland, forcd to live in an institution and unable to live at home because of two flights of stairs. And the question arises will I be able to leave here and resume my life or will I be forced to stay in an institution.

I am capable of independent life and have a committed partner willing to help and support me. Two flights of stairs stand between me and independence.

I can not fight this disease but I can claim back as much as possible.
But I can’t I am a patient in an institution.

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