Sunday, April 22, 2007

Don’t take it personally.

It was a red-letter day today as I slept all through the night last night first time since end of November.
A whole nights sleep, 9 hours of non stop sleeping, could have slept on till 9 or 10 but something woke me up and then I got that panicky feeling which usually means get to the toilet right away

Yippee we both had a whole nights sleep about 9 hours non stop sleeping which is wonderful for a change. Think this means my bladder infection has cleared up now which is good news.

Still no prospect of a new flat, I did put my name down for two places but neither is my real preference; one is in sheltered accommodation. What they call a WIBO woning here. Its on the 10 floor in Osdorp, so right out of the centre about 20 to 30 minutes for Richie on his bike, for me that would be almost a day trip.

Really was hoping for a ground floor flat, would love to have a garden no matter how small somewhere for me to sit outside with the dogs would be brilliant.

They are really messing me around with everything. I appealed their decision to give me a wheelchair that is not comfortable and therefore not suitable for me at the beginning of March was told I would hear the decision just after my birthday on the 17 March.

Finally I got a letter this week and instead of a decision it told me that as I sent my appeal in an email via my case manager (she told me to do this) it was not signed so they could not deal with it till it was signed and it has to be there by this weds or they will refuse to review it.

What a slap in the face, it’s taken them from 11 March till this week the 19 April to let me know.
I sent the email to my case manager on 11 March; the department that discovered there was no signature did not receive it to vet it until 12 April. Where was the email between 12 March and 12 April?

This means that I have waited to hear their decision for more than a month, while all the time my appeal had just been sitting in the in tray. By the time I get my own wheelchair it will be the end of summer as it takes three months between ordering and receiving the chair.

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mdmhvonpa said...

9 hours ... not too shabby. Actually, I'm jealous!