Friday, April 13, 2007

What a life!

I am getting alot worse I can't stand up at all anymore have home care for 21 hours per week. An organisation called Fontis send around nurses three times per working day to help me on and off the toilet.

Tonight we got a piece of equipment a sort of hoist to get me in and out of bed and on and off the toilet. It has a padded bit you put in the small of your back and then the machines motor hoists me up to a standing up position and then raises me in the air and places me on the bed or toilet or wheelchair.

Only problem this flat was not designed for this sort of equipment. MD is having to get rid of all the carpets in the front room as its too difficult to manoeuvre all the equipment over varying layers of carpet.

Its my darlings birthday tomorrow sadly could not get to any shops this week and have nothing for him.

Hope its still going to be possible for us to visit our friend Rosie soon but worried we may not be able to get there now I need so much more these days in terms of a special bed ,one that sits me up and raises and lowers me, plus supports round the loo and everything wheelchair accessible cos I can't walk a step.

Of the 45 people I mailed to ask for contributions to my mobility fund 21 responded positively and 6 said no we can't help and the rest never replied at all. Shame as I can do with all the support I can get. Hope I did not offend anyone but was abit at the end of my tether with the council here and the delays in getting stuff I need and all the penny pinching bullshit while I get worse and have not had a life cos I have been stuck indoors since last July.


Jaime said...

Sorry to hear of what you are going through. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

I found you through Mouses' blog. Please keep in touch and hang in there. There is a large network of people with MS out here who support each other. Take care.


S* said...

All I can say is that thank god (or whomever whatever you believe in) that you have whatever abilities that you have. Seriously. MS can take away everything. Just be thankful that you have the resources so that you can be cared for and supported.

And curse the shit out of the world all you want.