Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cold saturday!!

Had a good day even ventured out to the market despite it being very cold.

Very nasty last night high winds and hail.

Looked like it was going to be an unpleasant day but it stayed dry and snow free with bursts of sunshine.

Love going to the market, the stalls, the people, the fruit and veg and the lovely smells.

And most of all the friendly people.

Very touched by how nice people are to me. We go so regular we always get greeted by heaps of people and these days Richie gets served very quickly once stallholders knew we were together.

My electric handbike attachment is popular loads of people call it my ferrari!

My body is really crappy cos of the MS and I am in constant pain but my mind is cheerful though often I do have to howl it all out. Hate not being able to do anything and being o dependent for help with everything



I"m sorry to hear about your pain. My mom is in pain 24 hours a day. There really is no medication she can take that doesn't knock her out and make her a "noodle." It hurts me sooo very much. I'm still enjoying your blog and I keep praying for you and all others in pain.

Jaya said...

Hey Herrad - I like the positivism in your attitude to life and that you have begun to separate your mind from the illness. The mind is very powerful...This week has been awful here with -40 and -50 with wind chill. Its finally begun to thaw and its now -21!!! Whoopee!