Monday, September 08, 2008

My darling Richie looks after me brilliantly.

Have been in bed for three weeks now have lost track of time.

Had to look at the calender on my phone to see the date when the wound nurse told me had to stay in bed.

That was 21st of August.

Seems light years away but is only three weeks ago.

Have been told that I need to stay in bed for another month.

Would have gone mad without Richie looking after me so well and with so much love.

He is my darling and makes my life so good.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad:

I'm sorry to read that you will be in bed for another month, but I guess the wound care nurse knows best. I am glad to see you are following orders!! LOL

To update you on our fund raiser, we are up to $335 so far toward the $600 goal. Maybe in the next month we will raise the rest to get your cushion.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,