Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Days.

The LipStick mouse has really added so much to my life since my darling Richie bought it for me  in September.

Finally I can access the internet, send emails, write my blog, at last after nearly two years access is no longer denied.

 Since getting the LipStick, I have been practising lots, learning how to use it, that reminded me of learning how to use  a mouse for the first time.

Learning how to use this one is just as hilarious, I have opened things I did not mean to open and closed others that were just opened.

Deleted emails and am generally having a laugh at my mishaps, have noticed that I am getting confident using the LipStick, this means I can gradually increase the speed.

This has given me a huge boost, it has done the same for Richie, it has cheered us both up, happy days! 


Tracey's Life said...

Wonderful to see you back Herrad :) :)

Muffie said...

So glad you found a way to get back online and communicating again!

Webster said...

It's so good to hear from you again, Herrad. I was so worried about you. Now that you can blog again, I can stop worrying! I hope you and Richie are enjoying the change of seasons.

Che koala said...

Welcome back Herrad. Good to 'see' you :))