Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014 has been great.

Christmas has been very enjoyable with my darling Richie,
Even  though I am a quadroplegic now, this ms has really fucked my body but not my mind, I am still cheerful and enjoy everything I can.
So glad I get medicinal cannabis here and don't have to use opiates,which do more harm than good.  Canabis effectively curbs the pain,allows me to relax and enjoy life without any damaging my body..
In 2015 i shall post regularily,which
Which i look forward to.
Hfappy New Year.everyone.


Judy said...

Herrad, great to see you. I hope 2015 treats you kindly.

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

blessings and happy new year.

Kelli said...

Happy New Year Herrad & Richie!

Jaya said...

Happy New Year darling Herrad and Richie and I can attest to how your mind has been sharp as a whistle in the support you have provided me as an able bodied person vis a vis work challenges. In gratitude for you love and support and encouragement to advocate for myself and I am learning from you to stand in my power! Yay..
Heaps of love and hugs!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Love that you are back blogging. Access Denied rises again....Happy 2015! Love, mary