Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good Intentions.

The post I posted on 31st of December was meant to  ttbe my first of many daily posts,sadly this did'nt happen and after that I had many more plans,good intentions towrite my blog dailysomething I miss.
I am hoping that writing this will break my block and I can start writing again.


KParthasarathi said...

The absence from blog is hopefully temporary for whatever reason and I expect you would write regularly.with best wishes and kind regards,KP

Karen said...

So nice to see you back! I will keep checking to see if you are posting.
Karen, from Meandering One Moment Please. I don't post there now. You can find me at http://pixelposts.blogspot.ca/

Anonymous said...

Writing for me is so hard when I know I'm obligated. Have thought of starting a blog but I don't think I have the discipline or steady motivation. Don't be hard on yourself. I do really enjoy your well-thought out posts.
Barbara Fields, across the country in Oregon