Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good intentions!!

Keep meaning to post and the day is over again and it's time for bed!

Well this is not a big update or even very informative cos still not blogged about seeing the neurologist who says that I have abit of MS!

Imagine abit of MS....

Yep just abit of MS, the bit that has me so handicapped I can do nothing for myself and need help with everything.

But perhaps it will spur me on to carry on tomorrow especially as I have lots to say.

Like about the doctor and the fact I will be getting an electric chair a permamobile C400 for indoors.

I am now keen to carry on tomorrow and hopeful I can also do a couple of podcasts this week, one in english and one in dutch.

Very aware of how important blogging is for me and how important it is to share with other bloggers.

And also how important it is for me to let all of you know who read and post comments how much I value your feedback and your friendship and caring.

Really means alot to me and to my darling Richie.


Unknown said...

You 2 are fantastic beyond words and what an inspiration for love...Missing you lots - J.

Synchronicity said...

looking forward to more posts from you. a bit of MS? how is that possible? doctors are crazy i think.