Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wonderful day today

unexpected wonderful day today. weather was gray and rainy in contrast to dry and blue skies yesterday when we were at the hospital.

the disappointment about the weather was made good by two delightful visits by two dear friends.

toos came round at noon for tea and brought me a present of a small red lcd light in the shape of a red rose.

then aletta came round for coffee and biscuits at 3pm and after 4pm we also had a nice glass of wine and ate wasabi crackers.

and when our lovely doctor came at 5 pm to check that the skin on my heels had healed she found us in fine spirits and they got even better when she confirmed that indeed they was 100% ok again. what a relief for us.

and then even better news martin will visit next week which is brilliant news i am so very happy and so is richie. met martin here in 1986, he is a lovely man.

and to make my joy complete ute is going to visit for two weeks at the beginning of march, we met in 1985.

going to bed well happy tonight and feeling well loved and totally loving my/our beautiful friends.

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