Thursday, May 08, 2008

It really works both ways feel heaps better, thanks to you all.

Wednesday this week we have been living here a year which is great.

What's not so great is realising again how quickly the ms has progressed.

Thirteen months of not being able to look after myself, of not having any movement at all below my waist.

Not being able to walk was bad, until April last year could still pull myself out of the chair, could go to the toilet that stopped a month before we moved.

My hand function is minimal, getting difficult to pick things up, typing is quite alot of work.

Type with either right or left index finger depending on which one is working.

Eating is also quite struggle.

Been having moments this week where everything gets too much and the tears come flooding out.

Does not last long but it shocks me as its so intense.

Today I got very upset my new software was installed plus head mouse which is great.

Been waiting for it since February with eager anticipation.

But when it came it made me realise again how handicapped I am.

Plus got tired cos installation and explanation took two hours

Also hate new things when I can not use them brilliantly right away.

Its murder being a perfectionist!

Felt alot better after the huge howl and after a refreshing cup of pomegranate juice.

Then had a look at my recent posts and all the friendly and caring comments.

Really appreciate the comments, would love to meet all the lovely people who make them.

It really works both ways feel heaps better, thanks to you all.


Diane J Standiford said...

Take time to love you. MS is a part of you now. Love. The greatest rewards come from loving that which seems unlovable. It is easy to love a puppy. To love a mean, uncuddly thing takes true courage and must be unconditional.


Sometimes it is the hardest thing to love ourselves.