Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What great neighbours we have.

An Iftar meal.

Last evening two of our immediate neighbours came by laden with treats from their Iftar meal, these are the communal dinners which take place after dark during Ramadan.

Wonderful pastries filed with a variety of ingredients, both savory and sweet and all on a beautiful plate heaped with dates and covered with a cloth.

We all had tea together and Richie and I ate some pastries And then they told us of their plan to pass our spare key that our upstairs neighbour has around five of them who are mostly home so that someone will come and visit when I ask otherwise they would check on me regularly from 14.00 til 17.00 till Richie is home.

Absolutely stunning neighbours, really wonderful people, we were both very touched by their their thoughtfulness and generousity. What a great community spirit we have in this block.

Wonderful world beautiful people!


harkoo said...

Your neighbors sound incredibly thoughtful.

Synchronicity said...

oooh that is so nice. so good to have neighbors who care.

Stephen said...

yummy, invite me over next time!