Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My five seconds of tv stardom did not happen.

Well in the end I was not on the tv last week friday. And I learned something too, never agree to something when you have not made the appointment yourself.

I thought the appointment was that the tv. crew come to my door, I roll out and tell them what the resident's think of the building and the various things that are not working well.

Like the security gate being constantly broken and hanging half open, the lift not working and worse of all the metal stairs where people catch their heels.

And last but not least the open metal walkways which people in wheelchairs can not go over.

So there I was all ready with my script and finally the bell goes and instead of them being by my door they were by the front door.

The next surprise was being told that 10 councillors were waiting to come up with the camera crew and view my house.

Right away I said no way that was not the arrangement and I would not cooperate. Later in the afternoon a letter arrived, too late, to tell us our house was one of the 10 best new building projects and they were looking for volunteers to allow their flats to be filmed.

What a badly organised and sneaky way to get people to agree to be used like that.

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harkoo said...

How is your Tenant's Association going to react to this travesty? It sounds to me like there are other disabled people in your building having similar problems with accessibility issues.