Thursday, August 28, 2008

have to make the best of it and will.

first post in just over a week, have to stay in bed for a month.

the nurse told me 2 to 3 weeks last week and yesterday said a month was more realistic.

too much time and been noticing more deterioration in my condition.

difficult to type problem using the mouse holding cutlery and eating.

as long as i can post i am happy.


Merelyme said...

please hang in there. i wish i could teleport myself there to keep you company or something. know that you are in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad:

We are getting closer to our goal and many bloggers have posted links on their blog to get the message out.

One blogger suggests that when we get the company to send the cushion to you (after we reach our $$ goal that is), that duty would have to be paid on it (anything over $60). Does that mean MAIL too?

I thought that items that came in the mail were exempt. I have been surfing Netherland/Dutch sites to see if that's true and found nothing regarding mailed items.

Do you know if duty is due on mailed items? If it is, we will work it out that you won't have to pay it and if we have to pay it, then we will still work it out.

Others have posted that your government will subsidize anyone who can't afford it as long as they have a doctor's prescription. I am sure you have already investigated this option.

In my research, I have learned that their are income restrictions on any subsidies and grants.

Please know that we have stirred up alot of interest about your situation and people are donating money to the fund everyday. By the time you are ready to get out of bed and go back to the w/c, we should know better where we stand with the fund.

Take care,

Lanette said...

Hi Herrad:

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I just made a donation and I hope enough money is raised for you to get the cushion you need!

I've found your blog via Anne and I'm glad I did so I can keep up with you and I will send prayers your way!

Take Care,