Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love makes the world go round.

hello Anne,

Thank you so much for your kindness its lovely of you to offer to get an air cushion for my wheelchair but I can''t accept it as its too expensive.
The cushion I need is not a static cushion filled with air but a wheelchair cushion that gets charged up at night and that changes pressure as you sit on it.
Thanks again for your very lovely and generous offer.



But Herrad, if several people all wish to contribute, it can be done.

It is very possible!!!!

Please email me what it is you need.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad: I know the kind you are talking about. Lisa from Brass and Ivory is sponsoring a giving campaign from other MS bloggers.

Some are investigating their local MS chapter to see what they have to offer.

Some are looking into the Netherlands to see what their MS chapter has to offer.

We all give so many donations to MS organizations and it is not fair that one of us who is in need cannot get the items needed for daily life.

So please let us look into this and we will get back to you. Any way you look at it, we need an address to send to - be it money or actual goods.

Think about it.


Anonymous said...
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