Thursday, August 07, 2008


Have a major cause for being pleased with myself.

The other day after a year of using temazepam to sleep every night I stopped using them.

First I ate a hash chocolate every might but after 14 days stopped did not want to swop one thing for another thing I would have to take.

And can now sleep ok again in fact better than before with the temazepam.

Also it has done wonders for how I feel as I am far less up and down and somber and negative about life.

Had not realised the effects of the sleeping tablets
now I am back to feeling positive even though my life is so restricted
happy days


Bubbie said...

for a minute I thought you said you ate a "hash" chocolate?
Stop...go back and read it again. Yup! You said hash.
Ohhhh, you're in Amsterdam. I'm in SE USA, but that sure sounds good but alas, illegal.

herrad said...

hello Bubbie,

Thanks for your comment.
Love the name your grandchid gave you.
Shame hash is illegal in the USA as its very effective.
All doctors and neurologists here say its the most effective drug and the best pain relief.
Hope you keep painting.
Just been on your blog and your paintings are beautiful.

Merelyme said...

wow...hash chocolate. it is a shame it is illegal here. you sound really good. i am happy you are doing well.

Diane J Standiford said...