Wednesday, August 20, 2008

People basically want to be kind to each other.

Anne's kind offer has really cheered me up what a lovely gesture.

And confirms my belief that people only want to be good to each other despite the media wanting to whip us all up into a frenzy of paranoia about all the baddies out there.

Not saying there are not unpleasant things and people sure there are but firmly convinced that people basically want to be kind to each other.

When I was studying criminology it became clear that the fear of crime was greater than the actual reality and the media feed on that fear.

But of course newspapers need sensations to sell copies and more so now as newspaper sales plummet as the internet has stolen their number 1 position.


Merelyme said...

I do agree! There is a lot of good in the world and good people. Anne is one of them and so are you!

Anonymous said...

Herrad: This was left on my blog comments for you

Blinders Off said...
One of the reason I raise money for the National MS Society during the MS Walk every year is for this very reason. I am now curious if some of the money that is raise for the MS Society around the world goes toward situations like this. I will come back and comment their answer.

August 20, 2008 11:25 PM
Anne said...
Hi All:

Thank you for your comments

It seems Herrad has turned down my offer. Without an address, I can't even go ahead with it.

Blinders Off: You have a good idea there. If it looks like she can be redirected to the MS Society in Amsterdam (Holland?), then I think we should do all we can to get her the supplies she needs. Get results with many voices, and all that.

You all are such troopers in even thinking of helping out and I appreciate that very much. Please keep her in your prayers....oh and me too - so that I can pull this off.

Thanks again,

August 21, 2008 11:43 AM
Blinders Off said...

I called my local chapter to ask if they provide a person living with MS with air cushions for their wheel chair or any other needs. I was told yes if they cannot they provide them with the resource information on who can.

To find your local MS Chapter in your specific geographic region/ country, go to the

MS International Federation

The MS Rep gave me the following for you Herrad:

MS Society of the Netherlands

The website is in a different is language, but he said call them and tell them your needs as a person living with MS.

I hope this information help

So please call them and let us know what happens, Anne

Anonymous said...

Please come to my blog and to Brass and Ivory blog to see what we are doing.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Herrad...You don't know me, but I read about your difficulties on Anne's site and I think it is wonderful that Lisa set up a place where anyone who can, is able tp donate. I have done just that because I "feel" for you and this situation is really terrible. And like Anne Frank said, "In spite of everything, I feel that people are really good at heart".
I feel that way too, and I am hopeful that many people will come through with the help you need.

Take good care and ALL My Best to you...

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