Sunday, November 30, 2008

The good and not so good.

Today my favourite cousin, Katrin visited me which was very good.

Every month she spends a week at her mother's in Essen, she travelled there from Normandy, France yesterday.

And this morning she got on the train at 9am to come to Amsterdam to visit me.

She got here at 12 noon and we talked and talked and then suddenly before we realized, it was already 17 pm and Karin had to leave and head off to the station to catch her train back to Dusseldorf.

A lovely day sadly after Katrin had left I discovered that my right hand is not working too well am finding that its difficult to open things and amd finding it very hard to use my laptop.

Hope its a temp. blip and not that this is the end of being able to keep myself amused with playing patience and freecell and mahjong and read the papers and listen to the radio.

Nothing earthshatteringly important but activities that have meant that I can cope with what is happening to me

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