Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good days

Been good days these last few days.

Thursday our lovely neighbour Willes came down and helped us sort through a huge pile of post which was brilliant as I could not cope with it.

Not easy to do the administation lying in bed.

Huge relief when all the post was sorted, dealt with and filed away.

Friday was another good day,first had a lovely visit from our lovely friend Jeanet and after she left our two lovely friends Gareth and Paul from Wales came to visit.

They are in Amsterdam for a week, it was brilliant to see them looking so well and so happy together.

Gareth moved back to Wales in 2003 still miss him living close by but can see that it was the right decision for him.

It was a good visit, Gareth and Paul went up the road and brought back a delicious meal which I throughly enjoyed.

A very good friday.

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That all sounds so nice Herrad. I'm glad that you are having such lovely days.