Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday was a good day but sadly in the evening things went differently.

Richie was getting me out of bed with the hoist and had just hoisted me up and was getting me off the bed when I said get me to the shower chair quick as I feel that I am slipping and as I said it I fell.

Luckily my fall was broken by me striking the bed with the back of my head and after hitting it twice ended up on the floor.

Richie got the phone and dialled the emergency number as my head began to bleed copiously.

Willes, our neighbour came down soon as Richie called her and held my hand while Richie pur something under my head to staunch the bloodflow.

The ambulance people arrived and were very good they got me up on the bed and checked my head which turned out to be a scraped head and not a deep wound.

What a relief!

Thay advised me to take a painkillere and to wait for an hour before getting out of bed.

We took their advice gladly as we were both having a reaction to what had happened.

Was very wobbly for a couple of hours and finally after midnight Richie got the sling attached to the hoist and gently and safely got me out of bed.


Jaya said...

Phew darling..what an ordeal for you and yet you smile..take care of each other - Hugs XXXX

Anonymous said...

That is very scary. For both of you! I'm glad you are ok and that Richie is too.