Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just when you thought it was ok to get back in the water...

Blimey yesterday morning I was having a real bad time, that's what I thought it was until at the end of the afternoon a sudden phone call made me realise yesterday morning was bad cos I felt bad and not because something bad had happened.

This became clear to me when I picked the phone up and got the results of Spike's tests. The very nice vet's assistant had some bad news for us, the wee lump my darling found by Spike's mouth is a tumour. They don't know if its a nasty or a beneign tumour.

Spike is one of our two Jack Russells, he is a maniac, full of energy to play day and night, recently he has been very sweet with me even more so since I am in the wheelchair. Yesterday I thought life could not get worse and now I know it can. Our little dog has a tumour, we won't know until the vet has removed it whether its a nasty one or not.

An appoinment to remove the lump was made for next week tuesday. Bloody hell how horrible. We both could not believe it especially as here is no sign of anything untoward about our little doggy. There he is full of energy trying his best to cajole us into a fun game, just the thing for taking our minds off everything. Well except perhaps more games and then at some point he and the other dog Marleen hope that one or both of us will be generous with the biscuits.

Have to wait til next week, then its a horrible waiting day tuesday which costs heaps so we can start the month of april with a deficit just what you need when you are watching every penny and on top of that will it be ok or is this the start of more bad news and nore medication and treatments.

Feel like throwing my head back and howling this can't be happening to us surely I am dreaming?

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