Sunday, March 04, 2007

Poems 4 march 2007

Lost in feelings.
Feelings too strong to understand except to feel more helpless,
Hopeless sitting by the kitchen table, its a grey early morning once again confronted with all I can’t do.
Fucking hopeless feelings of despair floods of tears,
Life is all on top of me. Feel submerged
Almost like being stranded except I am still here right in the middle of it all.
Yet lost, lost in feeling lost in pain and fear.
Still can laugh still can have fun but its all so hard.

Nearly my birthday
This year I don’t really want to know it’s my birthday feel too raw. The ms so new surely it could go away for my birthday.
Surely ms and birthdays don’t go together.
Surely my birthday present will be no ms.

Feel like a symptom.
Feel more and more like a symptom not like me.
Too involved in bodily processes.
How’s my bladder today.
Can I have a crap?
These things once were taken for granted now they are major facts of life.
Its no longer what shall I wear today but how often have I been.

Need some intimacy now I have lost closeness of sex.
Can’t feel sexy safely.
Masturbation causes spasms of such intensity that they threaten to throw me out of my wheelchair.
These are not pleasant spasms but out of control like the kick of a mule.

Shower time.
It’s not fun anymore having a shower.
Need help, can’t do it alone anymore.
First I wheel into the shower it’s a narrow doorway and a small steep incline.
Steer past the hot radiator.
On go the brakes and I heave up out of the chair.
My darling quickly whips my knickers down my legs as I fall back into the chair.
Legs trembling, spastic as fuck.
Over to the shower seat.
Heave myself up again and sideways into the shower chair.
Spastic shivers through my body as the water hits my body almost can’t control it and fall off the chair.
With my darlings help I wash and rinse off then get dried.
Its all time consuming and painful for us both in different ways.
Shower time is not like it was before.

Getting dressed is such fun.
Rage rage rage but that won’t put my clothes on.
Sitting cursing in my chair.
Thrown my knickers on the floor, not me but the spasm in my foot.
Lean over to do it again and nearly fall on my head.
It’s time for help as I realise I can’t do it alone.


Unknown said...

Herrad, darling this is so heart wrenching..your feelings so raw and painful shared so openly..that takes a lot of are special and in my thoughts..lots of love and hugs always..J. XXX

Unknown said...
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Charles-A. Rovira said...

Herrad, Charles-A here, you sound like someone who is just scraped raw with the awful unfairness of life.

I definitely want to hear you say your poems in your own voice, with your inflections, reflections of what you feel you are.

That was a moving and powerful work. (Bet that you aren't used to thinking of yourself as powerful, but powerful is exactly what that was!)

I am a bit awed and envious if you must know.

If you want any help with podcasting, please write.

Unknown said...

Hi there. I found your blog online and like it. I am a writer with MS. I am putting together a poetry anthology by authors who have MS. The proceeds of this book will benefit the MS community in Dallas, TX, where I live. All poems talk to the MS experience. If you are interested in submitting poems to be published, please contact me.
I will share with you the cover as well.
Thank you!
Jennifer Evans