Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tenant's Association.

AT5 will be filming here tomorrow, our building is one of ten of the best new buildings.

We, the tenants all agree that its a lovely building, but there are certain things which infringe on our enjoyment of our tenancy as well as on our quality of life and safety.

The electric gate is always broken and hangs half open for anyone with a handicap or in a wheelchair impossible to move across.

Next to this there ia a gate to the steps you can open by putting your hand through the bars.

The open metal galley's are impossible to move across for wheelchairs and there was no thought about escape routes for people in wheelchairs, there is no fire proof 2nd lift.

The open metal gallery's stop the handicapped from socialising with their neighbours. I have lovely neighbours but can't visit nor can I go there if I need to.

The open metal steps are also a hazard for those using the steps, people catch even flat shoes in the metal grids.

Tomorrow at 11 am AT5 will be filming there is a banner outside which says:

AANGEPAST? suitable for the handicapped?
VEILIG? safety?

After waiting about a year to get a new flat I was told by the housing company that perhaps I should not have taken this flat. This was astonishing as this flat was on the Dienst Wonen ( council housing department) site for flats for wheelchair users.

And they got a big grant to help build this building plus they do not need to fit bathrooms and kitchens the council do that.

If you are in the neighbourhood at 11 am come and show your support.

We are setting up a tenant's association and hope our landlord will take us more seriously then.


Synchronicity said...

oh so how did it go? you will have to tell us what happened.

pb said...

This is terrible. It would not be allowed in the US, and would be considered a legal issue, ripe for litigation.

Wish we could send some "Americans With Disabilities Act" over there for you. It gives us some clout, even though I must admit, in the workplace at least, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

Your upbeat attitude is admirable.