Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beautiful days and lovely friends.

Recently been having alot of very good days,not my body just my mind, luckily the weather has been generally good too, most days blue skies and sun.

Makes me aware again how short life is and that it's the only one we have, don't know about other people but recall worrying so much about things that did not matter as if I had to be perfect and this is a dress rehearsal for life and not the real thing.

Aware too that the MS has progressed faster than we thought it would, wish I were wrong and hope that I am but if it carries on as it has then in another year I won't be able to sit up and eat and talking and beathing independtly won't be possible anymore.

Then I shall exercise my right in Dutch law and get my doctor to help me die, it's not something that I look forward to hate the idea of not being here with my darling Richie and all you lovely people.

Richie said that I was getting ready to die which is not entirely correct as I am doing everything to enjoy my lifec now and what I have which is lots and the last thing that I want is to die.

But I wil do the only diference for me its sooner rather than later and won'be a surprise thing.

Really wanted to get really old with my beautiful darling Richie was looking forward to it very much and still am.

My life amd my dreams are far from over, intend to really enjoy this Christmas.

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I've come back and read this many times. Each time, I am touched by your strength and the love which you and Richie share. This may sound strange, but you both are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing that with us.