Sunday, December 14, 2008

Really pleased that I stopped taking sleeping tablets as I can sleep so much better without and its natural sleep not being thrown in and out of sleep and feeling slightly numb all day.

If I wake up very early, say at 6 am and am in pain and can't get back off to sleep Richie gets up and get me a vaporizer bag of thc which relaxes me and I can sleep again.

It's better than sleeping tablets and no nasty side effects like loss of appetite, feeling morose and very negative about everything.

Not what I needed, since I stopped have noticed that my appetite is better and now do not cry so much only when I need to.

Also not so negative as with the sleeping tablets.

On Robert Groth's blog read how he took too many painkillers over a long period but because they were bought over the counter he thought they were ok.

Me too with the sleeping tablets, they were prescribed so also thought nothing of it until had taken them for 10 months every night and one day caught sight of my pinched face and had a huge shock as I realised that I was becoming very dependent on the sleeping tablets and they were not having a good effect on me.

So stopped just like that same as with smoking cigerettes in 1999 and joints at the beginning of this year.

What works best for me is to stop right away no gradual stopping just decide and do it.

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I use sleep aids only when ABSOLUTELY necessary. Natural sleep is much better. Hope you're feeling well Herrad.

Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary!!