Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Days!

What a wonderful evening at the theatre, Happy Days by Samuel Beckett is wonderful.

Fiona Shaw is brilliant playing Winnie.

Thoroughly enjoyed the play.

If you get the chance to see it do.

Really happy we went.


Anonymous said...

That's terrific! Hmm, does anybody say terrific anymore....well I do!

So glad you got out and about and actually had fun! Thanks for the great pix.


Jaya said...

I, too am so happy for both of you that you went and had a great time. "Happy Days" in every sense of the words for both Richie and you. Carrie and I commented today on msn about your great love for each other and its exemplary.....missing u both.
Lots of love and hugs..XXXX

Stephen said...

ah, i remember doing beckett, mostly waiting for godot - my whole crowd of friends knew it, and we'd drop lines to each other all day. big fun.

Merelyme said...

that sounds like so much fun...i am so glad you had a good time.