Sunday, June 01, 2008

One day at a time.

I have been thinking alot about my life and all the things I have experienced and all the people I have known and still know and that has made me quite contemplative.

It has been quite a journey from Trinidad to England with a few years in Germany then back to England and then to the Netherlands.

Been noticing that I have not posted alot recently but will do more as I do love to communicate and get feedback

Do not want to just write lists of all the things that are getting more and more difficult for me to do.

But on the other hand my blog is all about writing about what is happening to me and sharing that information.

Notice very clearly how much my disability has increased and how very little I can do.

Have to really battle to keep going as I am so aware that I need to keep my spirits up at all costs.

My auntie Sigrid, who lives in Canada phoned today which was lovely, she often like today asks me hopefully if I can walk again and is always very disappointed when my answer is no.

Poor auntie wish she would not ask but guess she wants to keep her dream alive that her favourite niece will get better.

Tomorrow we are going to Stadsschouwburg (the theater) to see Happy Days by Samuel Beckett.

Very exciting hope it will be a great night out, going to the theater is something that we have not done for years.


Jaya said...

My dearest Herrad and Richie darlings...Enjoy every minute of the theatre..I'm so excited for you. You have great courage and integrity and have touched my life deeply. Love and hugs dear friend..

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful to get to go to the theatre!! I haven't been for years - like 20 or more! LOL

When you are up to it, please share all about it.

Have a GREAT time!