Saturday, June 07, 2008

Having fun and laughing is important.

My condition is getting progressively worse, my legs do not do much on the motomed machine so its the machine that does the most these days.

My arms and hands are just about functioning, yesterday had a good hand day, could just about turn the pages of a magazine, managed to plug in the charger for my mobile, could put the next days baclofen tablets in the pill box and take my earrings off as well as open my specs case and put my glasses away and shut it.

Does not sound like much but most days these simple actions are not possible.Can still type with one finger and pick up a plastic cup and use a fork to eat.Richie is brilliant he does everything for me and does it so well.

And of course lovely friends make it all better too, yesterday Karin did my nails which always relaxes me and is something that I really look forward to.Halfway through the manicure got an unexpected visit from Cecile so all in all a lovely day.

Going to the theatre on monday showed we can still go out and have a good time, really enjoyed it very much. So much so we are going to go to the Fijnhout theatre, across the road from us, to a performance this tuesday.

Just saw a very scary episode of Doctor Who, very spooky still one of the best programs on the BBC.

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Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the things we can do and cannot do by ourselves. It also amazes me that a simple thing like putting on earrings is something I haven't been able to do for a few years now.

So I praise you that you can do fine motor things. That is MY problem area. Little stuff that has to be picked up between two or three fingers.

Glad you are getting out and about. It does so much for you mentally and physically. Do it as much as possible!! LOL

Take care