Saturday, December 01, 2012

Brilliant last edition for 2012 of Later with Jools Holland.

Roberto Matta.

On Friday late Richie and I both watched the last edition for 2012 of Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

The performers were the following: Soul 2 Soul, Tift Merrit, Nona Hendrix, Lana Delray, Tom Odell, The Weekend, and Palma Violet.

The only ones I knew were Soul 2 Soul and Nona Hendrix who I remember from the wonderful La Belle, with Patti La Belle, sadly I can't remember the name of the other member.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Soul 2 Soul again, their singer Karin has a wonderful voice which I remembered as soon as she started singing, they are an enjoyable band to watch.

Nona Hendrix was absolutely glorious to hear singing again, she has not lost her magnificent voice, and I enjoyed watching her and her two wonderful backing singers and her excellent band.

Tift Merrit, Tom Odell, The Weekend, Palma Violet were all unknown to me which was good because it's always enjoyable to be introduced to performers you don't know.

Tift Merrit was absolutely wonderful, what a wonderful performer, she has it all, voice, guitar playing, songs and performance Richie and I could have watched and listened for much longer.

It must have been quite difficult for Lana Delray to follow three such good female vocalists as the singer from Soul 2 Soul, Nona Hendrix and Tift Merrit when you do not have a voice to match.

I have seen Lana Delray a couple of times and did not like her act, I was hoping she would be better this time, but despite a good band again I found her to be lacking, she has not got a voice.

Tom Odell was also not my cup of tea, but on Friday night I did enjoy listening to him singing and accompanying himself on the piano, for all those who like piano they will undoubtedly enjoy listening to Tom who is a charming young performer.

The Weekend was another act that weren't really my sort of music, whether the singer has a very good voice and I got drawn in to listening and enjoying the performance a lot.

Palmer Violet was a brilliant band who I liked when I heard them on Tuesday and Friday confirmed my opinion of them, they are a great rock 'n' roll band whose CD I'm going to buy.

It was extremely enjoyable to see the show on Friday, Richie and I are a little sad that Friday was the last show for 2012, on the 31st of December Jools Holland will be back with his Hogmanay show and next April the next series of Later with Jools Holland will be back on BBC2.


Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Glad you are able to find joy in the everyday.

stay blessed.
my regards to Richie

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Glad your able to find joy in the everyday.

keep your head up. Much blessings.