Thursday, December 06, 2012

A relaxing night.

Roberto Matta.

Amazingly today has been a very pleasant looking day, with blue skies and weak sunshine sadly none of the snow that fell last night remained on the ground this morning.

Yesterday it rained all day and our three dogs did not like going outside, they seem to think that it was all Richie's fault that it was so wet outside, that they were almost refusing to go outside until it was dry again.

Yet when they went out later on and it was snowing they were delighted and jumped and played exuberantly in the falling snow, according to Richie it was a pretty sight seeing them play so happily.

Richie has taken them to the Rembrandt Park so that they can run and play to their hearts content and get rid of some of their excess energy, then they will come home happy for their dinner afterwards they will be relaxed and content dogs.

No sooner had I written this when the door opened and Richie and three dogs were back from the Park, by the sound of the dogs running around they had a good time which is good news for all of us as tonight will be very relaxed now.


Karen said...

We have no snow yet either. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

Webster said...

Oh Herrad, you posted the 'S' word. I'm glad the doggies like it. I think it's beautiful, quiet and magical, but I can neither walk nor drive in it, so Bleagh!

Say NO to SNOW!

Gareth said...

Hi Ya folks, just popping by for a BIG HELLO form Us Guys. Again another week has flown by. Mum doing ok bless her, have stayed a couple of night to keep her company, we did some crosswords ans read some poetry think I,ll try and do this at least once a week. Wishing you folks a pleasent weekend