Monday, December 03, 2012

Keeping in touch.

Roberto Matta.

This afternoon a good friend Christoph came to visit us, we both met when I got a job working at a Sykes call centre.

It was not the worst of these call centres, which often resembled industrial milking parlours and had no care whatsoever for their workers.

Sykes certainly did get everything they could get out of their workers without giving very much back to their workforce.

When I started work there Christoph was one of the first people I met, he was a very supportive and friendly colleague, whom it was good to work with.

One thing that I did get from working at a Sykes call centre was a very good friend, I'm so glad that we are still in touch with each other.

At most places that I have worked I have kept in touch with people I've met that I like, it is nice to still be in contact with colleagues who have become friends.

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