Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What a relief.

Neither Richie now I were looking forward to the catheter change, especially Richie was not looking forward to having to do it once again.

I did not realise that he was having such dilemma about it otherwise I would not have asked him so very late on Saturday whether it could be done on Sunday.

Later on I realised that gone one o'clock Sunday morning was not such a good moment for that question.

I did not ask him again until Monday afternoon when I enquired whether I should ask is that our general practitioner or the district nurse to do the catheter change.

Richie said that when I asked him too late on Saturday night it had not been a good moment to him as he was panicking about doing the next one.

We agreed that Wednesday would be a good day to change the catheter, and today that is just want Richie did.

Last night a sleeping tablet allowed me to sleep without any worry about the change of catheter, this worked very well and I had a good nights sleep.

Half an hour before Richie before Richie inserted the new catheter I took a valium tablet which relaxed me for the procedure.

The whole catheter change went quickly and well, before I knew it was done; afterwards Richie and I were both extremely relieved.

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