Saturday, December 08, 2012

Happy Anticipation .

Roberto Matta.

Two weeks ago we suddenly got a phone call from John a good friend of Richie's, from the oil rig where he is working, telling us that he would be coming to see us for a visit.

The visit was planned for the 8th of December for a week, which he hoped was okay with us, as he did not want to make problems for us.

We immediately reassured him that it was not a problem in fact it was the opposite; it was excellent news that he was finally coming to visit us after all these years.

it is absolutely not a problem to have such a good friend of both of ours, visiting us here, in fact it is the opposite it is a pleasure to have him visiting us in Amsterdam after all these years.

On Wednesday John phoned us to tell us that he was still on the oil rig due to the fact that unexpected snowfall meant he could not get a flight back to Glasgow.

He hoped that it was going to still be possible to get a flight back home to Glasgow, but may be it would have to be postponed until a later date; he promised that he would keep us informed.

We didn't hear anything more until around 1200 today when the phone rang and it was John to tell us that he would be arriving approximately at 1900 this evening.

Now we are both looking forward to seeing him again, how very typical of John to suddenly come and visit us, I think it is going to be a very good weeks visit.

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