Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good news.

Today the nurse came by to check how the pressure sore was doing, he was very pleased it is clean and the wound has reduced in size.

He thinks that by the end of February he can estimate when I will be able to sit in the wheelchair again.

That means the chair will have to be adapted for me to use safely, realy hope that this will be finally done.


steve said...

Good news, indeed! Are you planning anything special for your first outing? Amsterdam is such a great city, but those cobblestones can be murder on those in a wheelchair.

Thanks for the info on the shower chair. Looks like it may be time for us to upgrade.


Such good news!! Let's hope that you are out and about before you even know it.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Only one more month to go and then you are most likely out on the loose!

Good to hear the news,