Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy Dogs Happy New Year.

Christmas was very pleasant, on Christmas day three friends came round, one with her son who proudly told me he had chosen the bunch of flowers for us.

Was so lovely to see them.

Sadly did not see a wonderful friend Arden who was over here briefly from Fort Lauderdale,Miami.

Real shame it went all wrong as we were really looking forward to seeing her.

New Year's eve was very pleasantly relaxed this year, we had been playing the dogs fireworks sounds for the last couple of months in the hope that they would not bark and get really upset like as in past years.

On New Year's Richie put the dogs on his bed and they instantly became calmer and curled up and snoozed.

Which was brilliant and in total contrast to during the day when every cracker going off made them bark and run around.

Putting them on the bed made them feel very safe and they were like that at midnight when the big fireworks were set off.

The barrage lasted until two and then then it was sporadically until three thirty and then it was safe for Richie to venture out with the dogs.

A brilliant end of the year with my darling Richie, so relaxed really wonderful.

Happy New Year to you all.

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Vicki said...

Happy New Year, dear Herrad.

I hope this year is kinder to you than the last one. You are often in my thoughts.