Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have to wait patiently!!!!!

Thanks for the enthusiastic comments on my post yesterday, at the end of February the nurse will be able to make an estimate as to when I might be able to sit again.

This is an estimate only so won't be sitting in the wheelchair and certainly will not be going anywhere yet.

We think it will probably be end of April before I can get out of bed.

So by end of April if all goes well I will be able to sit in the wheelchair again.

Then I will have to build it up starting with half an hour then one hour and so on until it looks safe for me to spend longer sitting up.

So still a long way to go and all depends on the wheelchair being either adapted or getting one that is suitable as well as getting the air pressure cusahion that I need.

Will have to wait and see and by now after five months in bed I guess another three is peanuts!!

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Anonymous said...

Piece of cake! You can do it!

Love, Anne