Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Busy week

Blimey a cripple's life is a busy one!

Luckily managed to organise another home care organisation at short notice to come and take over from the Osira people.

Now I have two people looking after me and not a team of ten and that makes a big difference!

Two very nice women from Surinam, feels very down home.

Mind you not sure how it will go, think they are better but may have to organise something else soon.

Every day is mega busy lots of phone calls to faceless burocrats trying to find out where various things are.

Like my shower chair, wheelchair, electric door opener for front and balconey door?

Why did they agreed in May to making the nessesary changes here so this house is really adapted for someone in a wheelchair and then do nothing for months.

In May I thought they may have done everything by now, its nearly September and they still have not adjusted the doorstep onto the balconey so still can't get out there! at this rate it will be winter before they do anything.

Nor have they adjusted the entrances to the bathroom always just get caught halfway in the door and need help to roll in.

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