Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A proper weekend.

After the drinks with the neighbours on friday evening the weekend turned out really nice too. On Saturday Richie and I went off to the market, I zoomed alongside him up the pavement on the Speedy and it was great fun.

As ever talked to lots of people and of course said hello to everyone else in a wheelchair or scootmobile.

Came home laden, well Richie was , one of the things we bought were 3 kilos of mussels which we planned to cook in garlic and white wine and take up to the neighbours on the 4th floor.

Very relaxed saturday night nearly slept all through the night. Woke up late and had brunch and Richie made fresh bread and cooked the mussels. AT 16.30 we went upstairs to sit on the neighbours balconey. It was hot as hell really felt like being in Spain.

Great fun to have pleasant neighbours and lovely to take food up with us and share with our nice neighbours. Brilliant, a proper weekend.

Yesterday in total contrast to the weekend was busy, too many people in and out and heaps of telephone calls, had the back of the foot rest modified so my feet can't jerk back when I spasm and knock me back over the wheelchair.
Great to see that being in constant pain does not stop me enjoying myself.


Unknown said...

That's what I like to hear...determination to have some joy in life...even if it is a struggle! Love yuh...

Unknown said...

You look great in photo Herrad...