Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday is market day!

Had a great saturday, woke up feeling great also because I had a shower before going to bed friday night, which gave me a very relaxed nights sleep.

How lovely it will be when I get the Carendo shower chair then showering will become a pleasant, relaxing pain and exhaustion free experience again.

Can't wait but I have to wait and have been waiting since June to get one of my own. The trouble is its summer so all the burocrats are on holiday so I will have to wait until September.

We went to the market and met some friends which was real nice, funnily enough the local shop knew we were going to barbeque with the neighbours on Sunday! Its a real neighbourhood and we love it here.

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pb said...

Googled your chair,and it's amazing. I have a much simpler bench, but when it's needed, it's a blessing from above!